Lude Media Daily Live Broadcast English Record 10/22/2020(b)

00:20 Lude: Today is October 22, 2020, 8:30 in the evening, to analyze today’s theme. 1 Where is Hunter Biden taking drugs in Beijing with whom; 2. Giuliani is here to serve as FBI director; 3 Today, we will not broadcast the debate in our general election.

01:57 Dr. Bo: 1. The Soyuz spacecraft was leaving the International Space Station at that time, and then it landed safely in Kazakhstan a few hours later. All the members landed safely, so this is another perfect task. 2. The US State Department yesterday approved $1.8 billion in new arms sales to Taiwan, including approximately 1 billion long-range cruise missiles, Boeing’s 436 million vehicle-mounted rocket launcher systems, and 367 million airborne reconnaissance and maneuvering equipment. It is equipped on a fighter jet, which belongs to Raytheon. 3. The first time the US military admitted that the US military’s s135w intelligence gathering plane reconnaissance plane flew over northern Taiwan during its mission. This is generally a very rare phenomenon. The US military’s move to support Taiwan is very obvious. 4. In the Pacific Ocean outside of California, the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship carried out exercise cooperation, integrated the carrier-based aircraft and the amphibious assault ship for training, and began to deploy. They are now preparing for the upcoming Indo-Pacific deployment.

04:20 Aili: 1. President Trump was tested every day, and the coronavirus test was negative. The White House Chief of Staff Meadows made an announcement to the accompanying media on Air Force One. 2. The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs called a lady from Wilms to be infected with the virus, and she has also been sent to IC for treatment. 3. In addition, today’s “DA America has approved the Reid series as the first drug for the treatment of coronavirus patients. Don’t forget how much it costs, 3000 yuan for a course of treatment. 4. Global The pollution is very serious. According to a report given by the Evaluation Research Center of the American Institute of Health Effects this year, 2/3 of the 476,000 infant deaths are related to air pollution, especially the solid fuel used for indoor cooking. The pollution caused by these.

06:50 Dr. Crown: 1. A senior US judicial official said that the CCP is helping North Korea to launder money. This official is the Assistant Attorney General John Demos in charge of national security. The money was used to raise funds when Pyongyang faced international sanctions. Of large-scale cyber theft. The CCP has also provided support to North Korea in terms of basic network facilities, and may also provide support in terms of sharing professional knowledge and training. The U.S. strategic adjustments to these North Korea issues, Iran issues, and such rogue regime issues will ultimately be attributed to the CCP. 2. The general election debate is clear. The host Christian walker has a deep relationship with the Democrats. His family has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party over the years. In 2012, he and his family went to the White House to celebrate Christmas with the Obamas. There is also the second 6 debate topics that I have talked to you before. Now let’s talk about the CCP virus, American family, American race, climate change, national security and leadership, and foreign policy. None of them are about general election candidates. People’s own home issues, such as those in Biden’s own home, are clear, but I believe they must be brought up during the debate. 3 Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the Supreme Court’s nomination of justices.

10:00 Dr. Hu: 1. The comrade-in-arms of the New Federal State of China spread the truth about the virus in Italy. I am particularly moved. I can clearly see this comrade-in-arms that the host has basically felt the truth we want to convey. Not only did he make it very clear that they understood very well that these people are not against their country, they are against centralization, they are actually patriots, and they have carried out these Italians who lie on the sofa and eat popcorn every day. People who think they are living in some kind of beautiful illusion, they use the truth of the virus to bring these things to this Italy, let us understand what kind of invisible war is making Italy in such a tragedy The matter is clear; a small detail. When someone wants to take a photo of this comrade-in-arms, he wants him to take off his glasses and mask. At that time, the host immediately stopped him and said that if you don’t understand, they would persecute the families of these comrades in arms. , They can’t do these things, including they protected every comrade-in-arms during the parade in October, and he specifically mentioned that there were some spies. He said that not only there were embassies, but also There is a local youth promotion association. I want to take a picture of these comrades in arms and want to threaten them. This is really cool to me. It is so clear that a local Italian can understand all this, I think it is simply true The thing is how much propaganda work these comrades have done, and I am very personally grateful to them. 2. I can share with you an experience of personal needs. In 2013, some people in the laboratory often thought, for example, they wanted to watch a Falun Gong performance in The Epoch Times. When we went there once, we found that it was far away and was shooting here with a long-tube camera. Everyone who entered Everyone has to photograph him. Then we immediately walked up to him and said that you must hand over Teruyue. This person resolutely disagrees and will run away. We arrested him and made them delete all the photos of the person who bought the ticket. , They are even more of this kind of surveillance on all anti-communist and anti-communists overseas. Therefore, CNN reporters hope that all people must use their real names. They are simply sending ammunition to the Communist Party.

12:40 Lude: Bablinsky, President Trump brought him to the debate. He made a media statement for the first time that he would surrender all the communication equipment and textual information exchanged during the period of cooperation with Hunter Biden, and he would attend a congressional hearing. This is a major event. Giuliani became the acting FBI director. The current director has been fired. The acting FBI director is Giuliani. The acting director does not need to be approved by the Senate, and the official director must be appointed by the Senate.

14:13 Dr. Bo: 1. Luther’s guess is accurate and dreamy. The clearing paper is actually sourced. Although he said that he wants to resign, it is impossible to leave immediately, so the handover of key positions is necessary For a long time, the news could not be released to the media at that time to avoid all kinds of speculation and panic. Today’s Mr. Bannon’s morning program was also very heavy, which means that the acting director will be the mayor of Giuliani. The mayor Giuliani and Luther and Dr. Run’s Zhaoyue, everyone also saw the historically significant Zhaoyue, a situation that will be very beneficial for the extermination of the Communists in the future, this is particularly exciting. One thing is clear. 2 The Bablinsky’s matter is also very important, because he is a real witness. He will go to the debate scene tonight. The press conference will start to report some personal experiences. Tomorrow he will meet with the Senate The Homeland Security Council and other government officials began to expose the fact that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party. He is a personal testimony. He also has a mobile phone and such things as physical evidence. Joe Biden’s political life is affirmed. It’s over. If he is an American citizen with an innocent history, his experience will serve as witness to prove the roles played by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. A large pump that drained the swamp has arrived on the scene.

17:03 Lude: 1. We said that the FBI director will definitely be fired. Julian, you are now acting as the acting director. Of course, he must be more than just the FBI in the future. He was the deputy minister of justice in the Reagan era. The FBI belongs to the justice The subordinate, he came out at this critical moment; 2. Before the head of the FBI Switzerland, he was a partner of Mr. Wengui’s law firm. When there was a conflict, he actually got a 5 million contract with HNA, Mr. Gui kicked it away, this thing will definitely be found out in the future, there will definitely be a major event

18:25 Aili: The law firm’s agency should be around 2012. When Mr. Wengui bought this house on the 8th floor, he paid more than 1 million such a lawyer’s fee every year. You have been collecting it for several years. , This kind of fixed long-term client; 2 If you have a conflict of interest with your client to hire you, the first reaction, as a lawyer, he should avoid it, not take the initiative to meet him, instead of continuing to talk to him, and then the talk is over Accept money from your conflicting interests, and then kick your existing customers aside. Who does this series of actions have to do with? Lei is about to become “BI’s head has something to do with it, so we will give it five times and five million. We don’t have more evidence yet, but we can see it because these illogical phenomena have pointed to such a motive. Lei After taking office, he hasn’t moved for the past four years. The key issue is to be able to see a person’s position on the focal issue, to see his bottom line and whether he ultimately represents the right side or the evil side.

Don’t cover up President Trump’s impeachment, cover up their blending, Hillary Clinton’s blending with Russia is clear, you have the FBI’s actual documents in hand, don’t do anything, let the impeachment robbery proceed. This incident is not only to step down, but also to be severely held accountable. 2. Mr. Giuliani was ordered to be in danger and was the former Deputy Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice. For Mr. Giuliani, it is just one of the many things he has to do now, and he will definitely be thunderous. 3. The biggest blow to the biggest blow is the psychological blow. To all these people in the swamp of the FBI, they panic and show their feet. So when he sits here like Mr. Giuliani, he starts to play drums in his heart. In Hunter Biden’s case, the CEO’s standing up is a collapse of psychological defense. When such a key figure stands up, this demonstration effect will make more people stand up, because everyone is taking advantage of the trend. People go against the trend. What is the general trend? The Biden family is about to fall. Benefits plus justice will stand up. In the past, there was only interest but no justice. Now it is the side of justice and interest. They must choose to save their lives, which can be said to be devastating.

22:52 Lude: The US FBI is a very important department, subordinate to the Ministry of Justice, and the deepest in the swamp. Yesterday, I told the relevant departments in the United States that it would be infiltrated. They also admitted that this is Mr. Giuliani going to drain the swamp. This is what we told the hard drive in 924. In fact, it was already very early Go to the Justice Department, but Biden’s people pressed it down. Yesterday we were doing a show, and fdll actually linked this case to a money laundering case. It will take you four or five years to solve it. I didn’t mention child abuse and so on. I never mentioned it, right? The corruption and the CCP’s blending in this are basically the kind of little scolding that helped a lot; 2. Wang Qishan arranged for Lei to enter the FBI at that time, you know? It was through a person next to President Trump, and the purpose was to face Mr. Wengui, so Mr. Wengui kept saying that he would not cooperate with the CIA or the FBI. Basically, after taking your things away, he came to do it. Some of you will be controlled by China. Giuliani is now acting director. 3/ The White House said: For many years, Washington has believed in itself and must believe in the Chinese Communist Party. Under the leadership of President Trump, we have always had a clear attitude towards the CCP’s malicious behavior. We clearly understand the CCP and we will oppose it. attitude. 4 Fu Xiqiu, saved dozens of people, does it add up to any value? Which of Wang Lijun and Chen Guangcheng is the most lethal to the CCP is undoubtedly Wang Lijun. Being blended back by this group of people, this is reality. This is the core reason why the United States cannot immediately destroy the Communist Party. President Trump found that there are too many such swamps around him. If President Trump says to trust two people, Mr. Giuliani must be the first, and Mr. Bannon must be the second.

27:40 Dr. Guan: The White House’s today’s tweeting is actually very critical. It clearly stated the CCP and quoted what the national security adviser said; the national security adviser published an article, Beijing’s CCP ideology Far beyond China’s borders and going global, it poses a threat to the democratic ideal itself. The United States finally realized that it was an ideological dispute between the United States and the CCP. After the first President Trump’s administration came to power, from 2017 to 2018, driven by the breaking news, in dealing with the CCP, he realized that the CCP is a very problematic regime. President Trump started from the perspective of trade. , Tariff inequality, intellectual property theft, the mainstream in the United States said that the CCP is a thief, stealing our money, from Hong Kong, the Americans can see clearly, the real face behind the CCP, the virus attacked him, and finally Biden Everything has been exposed. The American conservative forces and ordinary Americans are aware of the infiltration between the CCP and the United States. The essence of the CCP is that the party is a god and can control everything. 2 The United States is a separation of three powers. Everyone’s human rights are given by God. The legislative administration and the judiciary are completely separate, independent of each other, mutual supervision, and mutual restriction. The CCP’s blue and golden methods have penetrated into the United States. Is the separation of powers in the United States really a separation? This is definitely not the case. From the FBI, we can see that the United States is now more powerful than the law. Where did that power come from? Right is the right to share the blue and golden marshland. 3 Mr. Wengui said in 2017 that the law should be used to destroy the Communists, saying that the greatest thing in the United States is the law. Before the law, the CCP has committed a crime. If you commit a crime in the swamp, you should be punished by the law. The most important thing here is the swamp. The legal department and the judicial department have been completely occupied by the swamp. It is completely impossible not to drain the swamp. The essence of the real proof of the extermination of the Communist Party is to let the United States return to greatness, let his ideology come back, and let him get rid of the CCP’s This ideology. What about Biden’s hard drive, the FBI has detained it for so long, but he still drags his words. He himself is bad. He wants to call himself stupid. He wants to find an excuse to delay time. Now this matter has finally fermented to the FBI’s inability to handle it. Next, Mr. Giuliani will act as an agent. “If the person in charge of the BI is responsible, the investigation he will have to do is to comprehensively promote the investigation of Biden’s hard drive, his corruption issues, and child sex crimes. 4 Although the judicial department said most They are all good people, and there are some swamps. The justice is in the hands of a righteous force. Seeing that their umbrellas are gone, these swamps have gone to clear the deepest swamp.

33:20 Lude: The email also disclosed its business partner: Berlinski confirmed that Ye Jianming’s joint venture was named the first phase of the contact project. He Jinli was listed as the main contact, New York Governor Cuomo, Mayor Blasiu Wait, absolutely heavy. I have already told you on 924 that the emails in the hard disk, including the agreement, include many people from the Democratic Party and Republican Party. It also has something to do with Fu Xiqiu. Senate Minority Leader Schumer, Minnesota Senator Amy Klaubchar, California Senator Feinstein, another senator named Geely, and Brand are all Democratic leaders, including New York Governor, Hunter Biden The list of contacts with the first batch is either the CCP has already laid out, or the CCP has established relations with them. Vannstein’s driver had been a spy for the CCP for 7 years.

35:25 Dr. Hu: As a party, a Biden has already been involved in so many scandals. The most sensible way is to retreat as soon as three hard drives burst out.

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