Mr. R. Hunter Biden is not a vagrant, he has a very high-paying job! Who do you work for? Who pays? Where does the money come from?Who is he with?

Author: Rose sky

Who belongs to the White House office/who is monitoring and taking pictures? Who do you work for? What are they talking about? What to sell/get? Do the American people have the right until? Do the American people want to know?

Hunter Biden is said to be unemployed and has no expertise. At present, the gtv media exclusively broke the news, revealing the truth and the criminal group that has been committing crimes. Evidence shows that Hunter Biden works in a financial company in the Chinese Communist Party and holds a huge amount of shares. These stolen positions and wealth fully satisfy his fornication life, not only that, but also involve sex crimes and drugs. . . The revelation continues. . .

Who is lying? Who is deceiving everyone? Who is betraying the country?

Statistics show that not only is the Communist Party of China a thief of the country, the Biden family is also a thief of the United States. They betrayed their country and the interests of the United States and the American people. Use this switch to get dirty benefits and live a criminal life. Moreover, there has been no obstacle. Because many people in the United States are already in the same category! Including FBI and CIA are involved. This is a transnational criminal group! They are threatening the safety of the American people, the Chinese people and all mankind!

Director of Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Career Information: Investor Analyst

Note: All the above data comes from Zero2IPO Private Equity


career experience

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Mr. R. Hunter Biden is currently the director of Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Managing partner of RSP and consultant of Boies Schiller Flexner LPP.

Mr. Biden is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Food Program’s U.S. Program and a director of the non-profit National Policy Center, the Truman National Security Program, and the American Alliance. Mr. Biden is also a member of the Development Executive Committee of the Center for International Strategic Studies of the United States, the Chairman’s Advisory Committee of the National Institute of Democracy, and the Chairman’s Advisory Committee of the Catholic Charity Church in Washington, DC. From 2006 to 2009, Mr. Biden served as a director of Amtrak, and from 2007 to 2009, he served as the company’s vice chairman. Prior to this, Mr. Biden also participated in the founding of Oldaker Biden Belair LLP and was appointed by President Clinton. Mr. Biden also served as the executive director of the e-commerce policy coordination agency under the US Secretary of Commerce William Daley*.

Mr. Biden received a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a doctorate in law from Yale University.

career experience

Working time status of the company position

Non-public director of Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Hunter Biden’s(Joe Biden’s son) 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment(HUNTER hold 10% in BHR, is now likely worth approx. $50 million) partnership was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions of Chinese Communist Party.

BHR is a state managed operation, leading shareholder in BHR is Bank of China and BHR’s partners are SOEs that funnel revenue/assets to BHR.

Hunter Biden visited China in 2010 and met with major Chinese government owned financial companies that would later back BHR.

Obviously Joe Biden is the big guy behind his son Hunter Biden who is acting as the white gloves of his father. Joe Biden used his huge influence in American politics to make money for his son and himself from CCP by harming the national interests and security of the United States.

As Joe said he had a very close relationship with Chinese Communist Party leader Jinping Xi and he gained a lot of financial benefits in China through his son. We are now going to stand up and expose this liar, Joe Biden and Chinese Communist Party are not only the enemy of the American people but also the huge threats to the world. They try to control and dominate humanity through Economics, Politics, CCP virus and other means. Only by eliminating them can we maintain human justice and security。The whole world must unite to fight for justice and humanity to eliminate ccp。

Get rid of this evil Communist Party and eradicate Zhongnanhai. Let Chinese people have the freedom of religion, let Chinese people enjoy a real society under the rule of law; everyone can be equal, everyone can be safe, healthy, and live like human beings, no longer be brainwashed, no longer criticized, deceived, and bless us all Broke the news to the family of revolutionary comrades.

The Chinese Communist Party has such a blue and golden plan in the United States and many Western countries in Europe. We will have millions of videos and photos of relevant government officials, corrupters, traitors, and criminals who are collaborating with the Communist Party to rule the world.

No matter which country you come from, which ethnicity, color, or party, your daughter, your wife, or your sister may be the next person to be abused; therefore, there is no party-nation border on the issue of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

Let us get rid of this demonic group as soon as possible from the Chinese Communist Party and the criminal group organized by them to jointly transnational theft from their own country.

Let us eliminate as soon as possible the CCP and the criminal group organized by them that conspired to commit transnational theft from our country! This demon group!

gtv, gnews exclusive revelation series article link:


  英文亨特借款合同– English Hunter Loan Contract


中文亨特借款合同– Chinese Hunter Loan Contract


  拜登假名EMAIL– Biden pseudonym EMAIL


中文亨特-渤海贷款– Chinese Hunter-Bohai Loan

5. #K005.

  英文亨特-渤海借贷– English Hunter-Bohai Loan

6. #K006.

  建筑艺术之王昕– Wang Xin of Architecture CCP


  亨特借款合同– Hunter loan contract

8. #Y002:

  华媒GTV独家震撼披露:拜登家族与中共政权交易内幕与证据!– Chinese media GTV exclusive shocking disclosure: inside story and evidence of the transaction between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist regime!

9. #K007:

·拜登和中共是世界的敌人—Joe Biden and CCP Are Enemies Of The World


  谁是林俊良 — Who is Lin Junliang


  DC发文拜登假名EMAIL– DC sent Biden pseudonym EMAIL


谁是王昕— Who is Wang Xin


 (亨特限制级,只能发链接,不能截取信息)– Hunter limit

14. #C001:

  亨特的Seneca环球顾问公司(Seneca Global Advisors)作为咨询顾问,代表美国一家能源技术初创企业——“巨点能源Great Point)——与万向集团就4.2亿美元的股权投资和12.5亿美元的项目投资进行洽谈。

15: #C002:

  关于利益输送– About benefit transfer

16: #K012:

  是K011涉及内容的英文报道– It is an English report about the content of K011

17: #C003:

18 #K013:

英文亨特淫乱报道2– English Hunter Fornication Report 2


   中文亨特淫乱视频 — Chinese Hunt Fornication Videos


   英文亨特毒品视频 — English Hunter Drug Video

21: #C004:

 (特大尺度自拍请转) –”H” Extra large-scale selfie


23: #K017:

4亨特淫乱照片– Hunter  “ xxx.” photos:



24. #K018:


“H ” life sex collection

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