Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden had been talking naked with underage girl, but did not report to the police – Daily Express Oct.22, 2020

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Key Points:

  1. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram’s full blooded censorship.
  2. Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden had been talking naked with underaged girl, but did not report to the police.
  3. All valuable foreigner will be treated by CCP’s BGY schemes .
  4. What is BGY?


Daily Image

Miles Guo (Guo Wengui)on GTV.ORG



October 21: Dear warriors! Three years have passed, and the world has changed dramatically…still in uncertainty…this is our warriors Yagina(雅吉娜), as one of the people who knows all the history of Wengui’s revelations, this is about Wengui singing. Relevant tweets… I am full of emotions, God rewards hard work…. Believe in yourself. The mission is omnipotent… God will give each of us the same opportunity!

Dr. Li-Meng YAN:   COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

Considering the Fake News records of @CNN, I already told CNN that I accepted their LIVE interview ONLY, and refused their recording/written interviews. 

They should NOT expect to successfully cover up the truth of COVID-19 by manipulating my interviews/reports.

Steve Bannon – War Room Pandemic

War Room: Pandemic Ep 449 – Laptop from Hell (w/ Bernie Kerik and Rudy Giuliani)

  • Mandatory Report Requirement。According to the Delaware law, if Joe Biden reviewed Hunter Biden’s text messages, emails, etc., which indicated illegal acts, but did not report to the authority, then, Joe Biden violated the mandatory report requirement. That is violation of the law,BOOM!
  • Whether or not Joe Biden is a hard target, there is evidence of overwhelming criminality that Biden Crime Family cannot get out of
  • These people belong in prison for the rest of their lives
  • Joe Biden camp made an unprecedented move in pulling their candidate off the trail for 5 days
  • They know it’s about to get a lot worse.
  • Steve Bannon: Joe Biden couldn’t even take care of a child in his family who was exploited by son #HunterBiden. How can he take care of the country?
  • We know a child was in jeopardy from #HunterBiden. It should have been reported long ago.
  • JoeBiden knew. He was told by family members about it. He should have acted.
  • This isn’t about Hunter Biden. JoeBiden is auditioning to be Chief Magistrate, Commander in Chief, and @POTUS; the leader of the free world. This is a compromised family & individual.

War Room: Pandemic Ep 450 – Biden Crime Family (w/ Bernie Kerik and Raymond Ibrahim)

SteveBannon warns: There’s other criminal activity. It’s going to be a storm. Storm clouds are gathering around the #Biden camp. A lot more is going to come out about #JoeBiden’s family depravity.

The hard drive from hell is so atrocious that I half expect Joe Biden to pull out of the debate tomorrow.

Lude Media:

10/21/2020 Morning Show:

Joe Biden knew Hunter Biden had been talking naked with underage girl, but did not call the police.

Why left-wing media, politicians and FBI are silent over Hunter Biden’s hard drive. 

A possible key witness, Bo Tiantian, the illegitimate daughter of Bo Xilai is under the protection of the Whistleblower Movement.

10/21/2020 Night Show:

Lude broker the news again that as long as a foreigner landed in China, he will be under surveillance with comprehensive monitoring and tracking. Based on the different value of each individual, the different BGY schemes will be adopted. Almost no one can resist it.

The murder of former CIA agent Ms Tong Baoguo shocked the intelligence community within the CCP. 

The brutal execution of all 36 CIA agents in China shocked everyone.


Instagram has hidden/muted one of my stories critical of Facebook and Twitter. I can see the story on my account。Full blooded censorship. Check for yourself:

These five people are allowed to tweet but one of America’s oldest newspapers(New York Post) can’t

And here you have it! The proof you have all wanted and been looking for. Make this go viral (no pun intended.)


Fake News From the Chinese Communist Party

China urges U.S. to clarify biological militarization activities: spokesperson

。China on Wednesday urged the United States to offer a comprehensive clarification on its overseas biological militarization activities.

Editor’s CommentCCP made the bioweapon and killed American peopleThe CCP said to the world that it was the United States is a threat to him.

Whistleblower Movement Popular Glossary


Blue-Gold-Yellow (B.G.Y.), is the plan used by the CCP to control (overseas) people. Mr. Guo Wengui described this in his 2017 broadcast. BGY stands for the three colors B:Blue; G:Gold; and Y:Yellow respectively.

Blue: control of the Internet. The CCP have been very successful in using the Internet to control the world’s finance, media, military, intelligence, public opinion, opinion polls, etc. Effectively conducting cyber warfare. This is accomplished by offers of money, using leverage, offering market access, providing other benefits. The result has been far reaching control of the world’s communications providers, network operators, financial executives, celebrities, VIPs and media influencers, etc.

Gold: influence through payoffs. Achieving control of an individual through blackmail often by means of the transfer of some monetary or illegal benefit. This can be in the form of an unofficial tax benefit or tax evasion which is then held over the victim under threat of prosecution.

Yellow: Assert control over key people through sex and seduction. By staging honey traps, drug scandals, gambling scandals, the CCP traps Government officials, businessmen, media personalities and celebrities in various countries. Large sums of money are funneled to victims through gambling or by manipulating them into debt disputes. Recordings are made of controlled persons having sex, gambling, using drugs, collecting large amounts of chips in order to achieve long-term compliance & cooperation.

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9 months ago

The Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell is probably one of the CCP’s most successful Yellow initiatives ever! Why? If anybody tries to share a news report about Hunter’s & Joe’s illegal activities and corruption, their social media accounts are immediately locked down. Nothing in life is free. And that includes election interference in favor of Biden/Harris by the MSM and CCP. There will be a cost to pay for all of this censorship being carried out to protect Sleepy Joe. That cost will be America and the Bidens, Marxists & DNC will begin their payout immediately. This is a level… Read more »

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