An Open Letter to Mayor Patrick Payton, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio

Dear Mayor Patrick Payton, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio,

We are writing to express our confusion, dissatisfaction, sadness and anger for the unfair and illegal treatments implemented on us by the local authority when we were peacefully protesting against Bob Fu in Midland, Texas. 

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On October 5, 2020, a group of Chinese Americans who love the United States voluntarily gathered in Midland, Texas, for a protest to reveal Bob Fu’s real identity as a Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”)spy in the disguise of a pro-democracy activist and pastor in the United States. For the past few decades, he allegedly worked for the CCP as a secret agent, committing espionage. 

We demand Bob Fu to answer the following questions:

  1. Around 1994, Bob Fu worked as a teacher in CCP’s Party School of Municipal Party Committee of Beijing. What is his relationship and status with the Chinese Communist Party?
  2. ChinaAid was established by Bob Fu and has a stable income of more than 1 million US dollars in donations every year. Where do these donations come from? Is it financially supported by the Chinese Communist Party? We require Bob Fu to disclose the income details of ChinaAid. 
  3. Bob Fu claims that he was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Then why is he able to travel to China freely?

Bob Fu never provided us with direct answers to the above questions. Instead, he slandered the peaceful protestors as “mobs and terrorists”. 

Meanwhile, we also suffered a series of unfair and even illegal treatments that confused us all. It made us wonder: Is this what we should expect in the United States where democracy, freedom and the rule of law are the foundations of the society?

The unfair and illegal treatments include:

  1. The police in Midland constantly interfered and obstructed our protests, demanding to see every protester’s ID. On October 7, Midland police even arrested 4 of us peaceful protesters with the charge of “jaywalking”. One protestor’s driver’s license was confiscated and hasn’t been returned even now. In contrast, some Bob Fu supporters could cross the road without any charge or being questioned by the police.
  1. Some supporters of Bob Fu showed up threatening and insulting our peaceful protesters. On October 8, one of them held a rifle and blatantly intimidated and threatened our peaceful protesters. On October 11, another one took out a wind blower and directly insulted one of our senior protestors.

What confused us most was that Mayor Patrick Payton, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, as government officials elected by the American people, openly supported Bob Fu and called us “thugs and terrorists”, without talking to us or doing any reasonable investigations. In a speech on Oct. 6, Mayor Payton publicly referred to us as “supporters of Communism” and slandered us as seriously threatening Bob Fu and his family. 

However, what really happened was during the protests, we just asked Bob Fu to answer our questions. Now we would like to ask Mayor Payton, what is the relationship between you and Bob Fu? Why do you only listen to what he had to say, and slander the peaceful protesters? In your news conference, you mentioned you’d been to Asia many times with Bob Fu. Were your trips personal or work? As Mayor of Midland, is your work of public service and law enforcement supposed to be influenced by personal relationships? The fact that you were slandering the protestors with no legitimate evidence gave us reasons to suspect you receiving monetary or sexual bribery from Bob Fu and the CCP. Mayor Payton, we demand a public response from you. 

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, we have great respects for you as you are both elected by the American people. With all due respect, we think you should be listening to what we as taxpayers have to say. On the contrary, you ignored our voices, and tweeted your open supports for Bob Fu, also slandering the peaceful protestors as thugs and communists. We would like to ask: have you ever spoken to us? Have you ever done any investigations into why we gathered to protest against Bob Fu? Don’t you want to know the answers to the questions we are asking him? What you are showing us is that you’ve picked the side of Bob Fu and deliberately ignored our voices. We wonder is it because you’ve be blinded and deceived, or is it the bribery from Bob Fu and the CCP? We look forward to open talks with you and your responses to our questions. As government officials elected by taxpayers, it is your responsibility to talk to taxpayers. We hope you will not purposely avoid carrying our your duties.


Protestors against CCP spy Bob Fu, Midland, TX. 

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8 months ago

ccp must go to hell

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ccp is very evil


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