In Response to Midland Mayor Payton’s News Conference on Bob Fu and Protests, Oct. 15

On Oct. 15, Mayor Patrick Payton of Midland, Taxes, held a news conference on Bob Fu and the peaceful protests in Fu’s neighborhood. He started with a “huge apology” to Bob Fu’s neighbors and referred to the protests as “a nuisance”. 

Image from CBS7, Oct. 15 News Conference

Mayor Payton’s new conference, Oct. 15

However, as Mayor Payton also referred to this whole situation as associated with the Chinese Communist Party, it seems to be concerned to the U.S. national security. We would like to get to the bottom of it by raising some questions in response to Mayor Payton’s remarks. 

Mayor Payton admitted that the protestors were behaving in accordance to the First Amendment, but said “we’ve been trying to do everything we can to see if we can get the protestors off the street.” According to Mayor Payton, the local police arrested four protestors under the accuse of “jaywalking” and it was a “strategy of trying to take them into custody to find out who’s paying their bills…something that hasn’t worked for us the way we thought it would”. This means they arrested four people without convincing proof that these people violated the local law. Does it mean they allegedly made up a reason to arrest people to elicit something they assumed? Does it also mean that Midlanders should consult the police next time they need to cross the street? 

Tightly Handcuffed! Hurting Badly! Peaceful Protestors Arrested by Local Police for Protesting Against CCP Spy Bob Fu!

Oct. 17, Today’s Demonstration Against CCP SPY Bob Fu

Mayor Payton claimed that the protestors were bought and paid for by Mr. Miles Guo and were associated with the Chinese Communist Party. His evidence was the “noise and threats on YouTube and twitter” that “are all Guo’s service and commitment to the regime of Xi”. Mayor Payton probably didn’t go on social media often enough because Mr. Guo has thousands of videos debunking the CCP lies and fighting against it for the Chinese people. The protestors, on the other hand, know Mr. Guo is working relentlessly to take down the CCP. Their protests are part of the voluntary joint efforts to reach that goal. Mayor Payton should have known more about this, but unfortunately, he was only listening to Bob Fu, who, using Mayor Payton’s own words, was “well trained” and “know exactly what to say and what not to say”. 

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Mayor Payton said “Miles Guo is behind this”. We’d like to ask how did he know? Was it Bob Fu that said so? And does he know who’s behind Bob Fu? Considering Fu has no stable jobs but millions of dollars of income every year, the public might be more interested in finding out who’s paying Bob Fu for what he’s doing, including the money he donated to the local government. It can’t be all volunteering for 30 years, right?

Mayor Payton said “I’m on the phone every day talking to people about things we can do internationally and nationally to put the blame right where it belongs”. But when asked if he had talked to the Senator or Congressman, he said no. We’d like to know who Mayor Payton has talked to so far, and what’s their take of this whole issue. Is he trying to convince other officials to believe what Bob Fu has told him? As a Mayor, is he able to talk objectively or full of biases and presumptions? Has he shown any solid evidence for his claims to any one? The public need to see the evidence, if there’s any. 

Mayor Payton said “the protestors were victims of Miles Guo and being paid. Many of them are asylum seekers who are here for a while to do the bidding to get the paycheck to go somewhere else and try to make a life for themselves”. Ironically, Mr. Guo never got into the business of applying asylums for others. However, Bob Fu used his fake pastor and human rights activist identity and committed hundreds of asylum frauds every year. It’s what like the Chinese saying “a thief yelling there’s a thief”. Consult with ICE and check all the asylum cases handled by Bob Fu. There might be some interesting things popping up. Besides, the fact that Mayor Payton allegedly playing the “sympathetic victim” card is quite disgusting. He doesn’t even want to talk to the protestors in public. He is taking advantage of the good Midlanders and making false accuse against the protestors. 

The person mentioned in the above footage, Baosheng Guo, also appeared in the so called “weare Bob Fu” rally. He is another fake pastor that had similar claims against Mr. Miles Guo. The following is the verdict of the previous case in 2019. 

Image from CBS7, Oct.15 Rally

(Information source:

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During the conference, Mayor Payton said he “had travelled with Bob Fu to Asia many times” and he was quite sure if Bob Fu “sets his foot into the airport in China, you don’t get to see him again”. This sounds very interesting as traveling with some person becomes a heated topic these days. We don’t think Bob Fu reports to the local authority every time where he travelled to and who he met. The intelligence probably has a better source of information. By the way, Mayor, what did you go to Asia with Bob Fu for, if we may ask? To preach?

Bob Fu told Mayor Payton that “many people want him eliminated” or “would like to see his life ended”. We won’t be able to comment on that, because CCP spies live in such fear. However, it’s not what the protestors want or capable of doing. What they want is to reveal his real identity to the American people, make sure a CCP spy is brought to justice and the people are safe from the CCP malicious operations. Let the laws do their job. It should have been the Mayor and local police’s job to listen to the people and find out who is a real threat. But what we are seeing is an influenced and biased local authority. 

Mayor Payton claimed that “the protestors have no connections to China other than they want to get out of china. So they are no longer in china. China knows where they are, knows who these people are, knows how to contact them, knows how to hire them, knows how to pay them”. We wonder where Mayor Payton got that conclusion from. It wasn’t Bob Fu, was it? Because if it was, it’s exactly the tactic Fu is using to control his victims. The fact that Bob Fu keeps attacking Mr. Miles Guo, pretending to report to FBI, but never did or dare not to go to the court is because he knows there will be stone cold evidence against him.

Mayor Payton said he would meet with the protestors “in the chambers with no cameras and no recorders”, he’s “not going to keep playing into their hand”, which was why the public hadn’t seen him “out there lately”. Is Mayor Payton trying to stay out of the “trouble”, but at the same time asking the Midlanders to write an email or make a phone call to the state or federal government on this matter? Is he just going to hide behind the camera and do whatever Bob Fu asks him to do? By not playing into someone’s hand will solve the problem? Or is the local police going to arrest all the protestors and get rid of them? 

Mayor Payton, we are eagerly looking forward to your response to the questions or talking to the protestors in public. Thank you.

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9 months ago

Last week, a Bob Fu supporter in the street yelling at protesters. The man was carrying a semi-automatic rifle, and on top of that, he wasn’t wearing a face mask. I wonder if he was real?

9 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !


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