Peaceful Protest in Front of the Securities Commission in BC

Himalaya Farm Canada 双鱼侠 北京人在北美
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From October 6th to 8th , 2020, our investors peacefully protested for their legal right. Here are two letters from the protestors:


Good morning, the Securities Commission:
I am one of the Canadian investors. I would like to share my personal experience with you to better explain to you about my investment to Himalaya Farm. Meanwhile, I would like to ask you a few questions. Why did you freeze our money? Are you collaborating with Chinese Communist Party? Could you promise to answer my questions truthfully?
I invested in Himalaya Farm because I have hope in them. We are the New Federal State of China. We are the new Chinese people, Chinese-Canadian residents. No matter you believe or not, Himalaya is our hope, and the New Federal State of China is our hope.
What you have done is hurting me. I came all the way to Canada for a better life, what I have been experienced is really shocked to me. It makes me feel that I am still in China. I went to the bank, I do not want to mention their names here, but it’s one of the biggest banks in Canada. I asked them why the account has been frozen. They checked for me, and the manager was looking at the computer with a shocking facial expression. I asked him,” What is that?” The manager said,” It didn’t show anything. My facial expression can mean anything.” I said, “I know something is going on. Please tell me.” He said:” I can not tell you anything.” It’s closed to a dead end because the company wants to refund us but they don’t have any ways to operate the account since you did a great job to freeze the account in the worst time period—-in the middle of the pandemic when the Chinese Communist Party released the CCP virus. Some of us are still working but some of us get laid off because of the virus. We are counting on this money. Vancouver is not a cheap place to live. We didn’t bring millions of dollars here. We are just parts of common hard-working people. Today we are here. It’s not because we are bored. We want to raise the prestige in our lives. We have to be here. I never thought I have to participate in this kind of activity, but I think it’s the right time for me to stand out. Because if I don’t, who will speak for me?
The SC’s job is to protect the investors. You know the kind of dirty tricks you are playing with. What you are doing is going to be the legacy, you are going to lead our Canadian society to the next generations. Is that the future you want to bring to your children? Is that the behavior you want the world to be remembered? You have so much power that you should take the responsibility to make Canada better, not worse!
We, Chinese-Canadians, are usually very quiet because we are family-oriented. We are focusing on educating our children, making them to have a better life. We obey the laws. We respect the rules of law and that is the reason we moved here. But you brought the totalitarian from the Chinese Communist Party into Vancouver by what you are doing. You think people don’t know what you are doing here. But I can tell you a story. Yesterday, there was a young guy who walking by and he heard the awesome song<< TAKE DOWN THE CCP>>. He said,” I really loved the song. I know what you are doing. I really want to take a selfie with you. I will post it on the Facebook.” But I’m so afraid. It’s self-censorship.
In an episode of << South Park>>, one guy wanted to sell the weed to China and he thought it was a great idea. When he went to the airplane, he saw some sneakers in it, too. When he arrived China, what he experienced was totalitarian regime.
If you know China’s history a little bit, you should know we are the survivors in the last seventy years. We landed here and we want to bring a better future for our next generations because we don’t know when China will be changed.
However, Canada is becoming Chinada with what I am experiencing. I don’t think Canadians will agree with you if you keep doing what you are doing. The only way you will be succeed is that all the Canadians give up their freedoms and democracy and Canada become a communist country. I believe that will never happen because they are individuals. They have their thoughts.
What is going be for this society? You might don’t really care whether we can go through this pandemic or not. The history will remember what you are doing. We will never give up.
See you in the court. We will not stop.
Thank you!


What is the abbreviation of CCP? Let me tell you the CCP is Chinese communist party who made the coronavirus in their lab and distribute to our world in purpose. Coronavirus is made by CCP’s military lab.
Even in peaceful Canada, there is more than 10,000 people died because of the coronavirus.
SC(Securities Commission), just get out and stand like a man, let’s talk about it face-to-face. If you were not wrong, why don’t you come out and talk to me. Show me the proof and please understand we desperately want our money back for our family!
You freeze our Account without a solid reason. You owed us a reason why you freeze our account. you boss is staying behind you. Who is your boss? CCP.
SC. Please come out and give us a solid reason of why you freeze our account for more than 60 days. Your purpose here is to protect our investment. But see what you are doing now, you blackmailed our investment. Tell me how much you have got from the Chinese communist party.
SC, you broke the law and became a running dog of the Chinese communist party.
SC, come out, don’t be a coward, I know you can hear my voice. I’m just a normal person who is standing here protesting for our freedom.
SC, you are a liar. Believe me I will never never give up.
SC, your work is to protect our investment but look what you’ve done here, You betrayed Canada, you betrayed our investment. You are CCP’s running dog, I’m going to let you know that the Chinese communist party will be taken down really quickly.
SC, you need to stop power abuse, you may win for a short time but eventually you will get down with the Chinese communist party. Our fight will never stop until we get our money back.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people


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