Dr. Li-Meng Yan Invites Open Debate With Scientists Who Attacked Her Reports and The Public Deserves the Truth

Oct. 8, Dr. Li-Meng Yan published the second report on her study of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 Is an Unrestricted Bioweapon: A Truth Revealed through Uncovering a Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud. Together with the first report published on Sept. 14, Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route, this, according to Dr. Yan and her team, reveals the truth of COVID-19 and debunks the CCP’s cover-up of the pandemic. 

In Bannon War Room Ep. 428 on the same day, Mr. Bannon asked Dr. Li-Meng Yan some critical questions: why does it take Dr. Yan 10 months to release this report on a bioweapon, when this could have been written by other people on top of it, say, in February? And why is Dr. Yan NOT on Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine or any others? What is it about the data-based, evidence-based and science-based scientific communities that the public is missing? 

Dr. Yan pointed out that those scientists “need the benefits from the Chinese Communist Party and also they are afraid of the CCP”. She said they collaborated with and covered up for the CCP, made up lies, attacked the “lab origin theory”, still support the “nature origin theory” and other misinformation. 

Dr. Yan also said she would keep the list of those who “jump out and use lies and misinformation to attack my report”, that she welcomed open debates face to face, but not those attacks. She emphasized that this was NOT for herself or politics, but rather, about the truth of the pandemic and global health. “Every one deserves the truth.” 

In the broadcast, Dr. Yan mentioned some people and organizations that she already has on her list for an invitation of potential open debates. 

闫博士第二份报告中曝光的为中共站台的美国知名科学家 (Please click for English introductions of some of the scientists.)

For members outside the “scientific communities”, we don’t have much presumption or knowledge as to who is right or wrong. But since the arguments are out there and it’s relevant to the health and life of the whole world, we surely want to find out who is telling the truth! As these people and organizations criticized Dr. Yan for her findings, it’s fair that they confront each other in an open debate under the supervision of the public. We understand that whoever backs down shows a lack of confidence, and whoever plays dirty tells the public they are hiding something. With the rights of freedom of speech and life, we agree with Dr. Yan even without any debate, that WE deserve the truth! 

We will keep a close watch on further developments. 

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[…] Dr. Li-Meng Yan Invites Open Debate With Scientists Who Attacked Her Reports and The Public Deserves… […]