Nine-storey Demon Tower of CCP’s Propaganda Techniques

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1.The first storey (domestic media)
Superficial information
The basic slogans, directions and political positions disseminated to the general public through the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and the news broadcasts.

2.The second storey (domestic media)
Superficial information
Transmission of political attitudes and messages to specific interest groups and specific status groups through the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and news broadcasts.

3.The third storey (domestic media)
Official interpretation of the information
Further thought and behavior guidance for the public interested in superficial information through the Global Times, Phoenix TV, Sohu, Netease, Baidu, Toutiao etc.

4.The fourth storey (domestic media)
Secondary processing of the information
Through platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Tik Tok, Kuaishou, Bilibili, etc., create soft information and package it as entertainment for different age groups who are not interested in or sensitive to superficial information, and conduct daily subconscious guidance.

5.The fifth storey (domestic media)
Tertiary processing of the information
Through Weibo, Bilibili, ouban and other strong response-type platform, usually often create topics, both positive and negative, through a specific army of internet troll tactics to fill in content, replies, set the pace, influence the viewer’s daily thinking judgments

6.The sixth storey (domestic media)
Reverse guidance of the information
When Information out of control or when the credibility crisis erupts, disguise as an individual exposé in the aim of shifting the focus of the crisis, saving the “leader” by sacrificing a scapegoat, fabricating exposé by individual influencers, setting direction of public opinions, triggering the overall rhythm of mass criticism, and setting tone while the public opinion reached the peak, so that the people’s grievances can be expressed, thus avoiding the core issues, and even distracting people’s attention by shaping a hero.

7.The seventh storey (Overseas media)
Positive direction of information
Create internationalized packaged information through overseas media to promote positive propaganda in the image of overseas media or as overseas experts and scholars, so that people outside the country or those who cross the border online will further accept the ideological influence

8.The eighth storey (Overseas media)
Reverse direction of information
Shaping negative information through the YouTube, Twitter, Falun Gong group, and the overseas democracy movement, spreading information which is 70% false and 30% true, attacking CCP’s own propaganda system on purpose, deliberately making pranks, hiding core issues, sprading extremely radical and violent information, leading the audiences gradually rejecting oversea medias, and eventually treating the overseas media as unreliable propaganda.

9.The ninth storey (Overseas media)
Enhanced reverse direction of information
Shape objective and rational media through YouTube and Twitter, even those are 70% true, have those media maintain objective and neutral analysis with fed insider stories which is censored domestically. But when critical matters occur, these media will influence the audience and reach the object of propaganda.

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Note: The above refers to the existence of a clear producer of information, or the means to trace it back to the producer. It is also likely that a large number of people make behavioral decisions based on word of mouth from unknown sources, such as “I heard”, “my classmates said” or “someone said”. This information, of course, stems from spontaneous panic, conjecture and spontaneous fabrication.

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