Midland, TX Authorities at the Command of Bob Fu

Author: Brain Sanitizer

October 7th, 2020 protestors gathered outside Bob Fu’s house in Midland, Texas to peacefully protest. Police officers gathered amongst the crowd and waited, it seemed like hawks, to arrest someone. That indeed happened to three people. When one person questioned the arrest, the police answered that it was because he had stepped on a lawn. Are you kidding me!? It’s not like he had walked on the lawn purposefully or trampled all over it, it was a step on the grass. Another person, when questioning an officer, said that the reason for arrest was because of crossing the street. Excuse me, did you happen to hear about the random, armed gunman threatening these non-violent protestors? Why didn’t police approach or arrest him!? 

Correspondingly to the police’s irrational actions, the mayor of Midland has labeled these peaceful protestors as “terrorists.” What we are all wondering is what kind of terror did these people commit to be labeled as terrorists? It makes us wonder what Bob Fu has been doing in America these past 23 years. It may seem like good deeds from the outside, but could it be possible the police have no idea what crimes have been committed in the dark? Miles Guo made mention that if Bob Fu can make a negative impact on the local police and authority system in this way, imagine if the CCP sent thousands of “Bob Fus” all over our great nation. How has our police and authorities already been affected and perhaps, infiltrated? Do these evil, corrupt people already have protection from any crime they have ever committed or have yet to commit? Have they already brainwashed our police into thinking that the comrades-in-arms are the ‘bad guys’? If Fu has nothing to hide, show the evidence. Silence and scatter these protestors by setting the record straight. Obviously, there is something to hide as he calls upon local authorities to clean up his mess. The last time I checked, freedom of speech was legal in America, but this kind of suppression of freedom should have us all worried. We must be careful; today’s Hong Kong protests could be tomorrow’s American protests. 

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