Honest Researcher Persecuted and IGNORED

Author: Brain Sanitizer 

On October 6th, 2020 on the Fox News Tucker Carlson Show, Dr. Li-Meng Yan was again interviewed. Holding back tears, and obviously distraught throughout the whole conversation, she presents news that her mother has been arrested by the evil CCP and taken to Beijing. Most surprisingly, this is the fourth time the CCP has seized her mother, not to mention her other family members. Her mother is a 63 year-old teacher. What kind of threat or crime would an older woman like that have on the CCP? The answer is blatant; none. The CCP is scared and threatening Dr. Yan for telling the truth about COVID-19 with her mother’s life. It is typical CCP behavior to punish and take the lives of the innocent to satisfy their daily agenda and cover their colluding schemes. As Dr. Yan pointed out, there is no real reason that they need to arrest someone. Simply make them unhappy or reveal the truth, and you will be in trouble! How tragic that we are no longer surprised by this, but still, it is the lowest of low. The blood of thousands of innocent people rests on the CCP’s hands.

Dr. Yan is most humble and gracious, thanking Americans who have had concern for her and her family right when she first starts speaking. She represents the true character of most Chinese; gentle and peaceable, but easily targeted as an oppressed and down-and-out people. Contrastingly, she points out that the mainland CCP media showers celebration on the positive COVID-19 results of President Trump, the leader of the free and democratic world. They seek to brainwash the Chinese people into thinking that the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans and imaginably, the death of their president and his family is a celebratory event! We know that the CCP has a tight reign on what people say and several “underground” connections. If anyone were to wish death on leaders of the CCP, they would be in a terrible predicament, to say the least. Why is it then, that such harshness can be wished upon another world leader? The CCP cannot accept anything that will threaten their reign of power and somehow, maliciously, seek joy in hoping others will die.

Dr. Yan referred to two of her articles that have been approved by high authorities in the U.S. government. In these articles, she published her scientific findings about COVID-19 to the public and has yet to publish more. However, there are no statements from sizable public groups recognized in the scientific world such as the NIH, CDC, WHO and others who will state that Dr. Yan has a right to share her findings. She was even verbally attacked for her research from some scientists. Why is this? If they are truly for the cause of general public health, then what do they have to lose…or hide? Could it be possible that these organizations are also under the infiltration of the evil CCP? Now they have sunk their claws into those who would proclaim sound science, using financial gain and other forms of bait to silence them. Correspondingly, this is news and where is American mainstream media!? They are obviously also penetrated by the CCP, afraid to report that which is just, right, and moral. Fox News, War Room Pandemic, and a few other small media sources are the only fountains of truth that will report on this brave woman and the persecution aimed at her loved ones. Fellow Americans and comrades, this is war! This is war against the CCP and our way of living! It is what we hold dear; freedom to express our ideas and research and thoughts, freedom to live without persecution and reproach of the innocent, protection for the weak, love and kindness. It’s being threatened…now! Will you stand with Dr. Li-Meng Yan and defend her!? Will you do what you can to expose the ugly truths about the CCP and the bewildering reality that they STILL go unpunished after 10 months of murdering people through COVID-19!? We must pray for Dr. Yan, her mother, and the rest of her family as she lives through this anguish in order to single-handedly save the free and democratic world. 

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

9 months ago

thanks Dr Yan for bringing about hope! you are the most lovely lady in the world !


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