The CCP Being Fake to Govern HK. Luo Huining’s Visit to HKers Home Revealed to be Frequent Shows in the Chinese media

Translator: stay; Reviewer: Wencheng

The CCP governs the country with fakes. Whenever there are holidays, the leaders go to the homes of poor people to show care. Now, this scene has appeared in Hong Kong again.

Luo Huining, director of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, visited the “grass-roots citizens” in the community as a leader for the first time on the National Day. One of them was revealed to be Xu Tianmin, the favorite of the mainland media. This visit was very “dramatized”. They placed a giant Chinese flag in the 8-square-meter stall. The unemployed Xu Tianmin is also a “patriotic flag bearer” frequently visited by the Chinese media. When he was interviewed by the Beijing Daily in June, he said that he came to Hong Kong as a chef from Hunan in 2013 and “has been promoted to the post-cooking supervisor in less than a year, and his income has increased a lot.” However, after he was visited by Luo Huining, he had another interview with Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po”. He revealed that he has been unemployed since October and his family members have to return to their hometown to live.

But the interview did not explain why Xu, who had “increased a lot of income”, had to live in the “subdivided flats” after being unemployed for a short period of time? Xu claimed that since June last year, even though he was dismissed from the restaurant where he was serving in October because he was busy supporting police, protecting the harbor, protecting the flag, and cleaning up the “Lennon Wall”, he continued to go out early and return late to carry out activities to protect the flag and clean up anti-revision slogans. In his spare time, he worked on a casual basis for surviving.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people


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