New Federal State of China Proclaims the Liberation of China

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At midday Oct 1st about 160, mainly Chinese, protesters gathered outside the Chinese consulate in downtown Montreal as part of a global protest against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), organized by the New Federal State of China (NFSC). This was the first day of a new lockdown policy within Quebec as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Regardless, more than one-third of the brave protesters came from other cities like Toronto, Ottawa, setting aside their fear of the virus. The purpose of the protest was to awaken Canadians to the fact that the CCP is responsible for the pandemic and that the CCP must be charged with the deaths of thousands of Canadians as a result of their cover-up of the true origin of the virus.

October 1st is the National day of the People’s Republic of China. Protestor rallied on this day to emphasize to Canadians that the CCP no longer represents the Chinese people, and that they should be declared a terrorist organization and permanently barred as a political force in China and from the community of nations. The protesters explained to the media that the CCP is no longer a legitimate government or representative of the Chinese people.

This is the first-time demonstrations were held in Montreal, the 2nd largest city in Canada, led by the Whistleblower’s Movement which is now the most prominent anti-CCP force worldwide.

On the same day, another protest organized by HFC (Himalaya Farm Canada), another chapter of NFSC, was held in Vancouver for the same purpose. The supporters of NFSC rallied in front of the Chinese consulate. They carried the National flags of NFSC and signs declaring ” Take down the CCP”, “CCP≠China”, “CCP lied, Canadians died”, “It is a call for justice”. Over 150 people participated in this rally. The Chinese consulate was closed and offered no response to the protesters.

In the afternoon, the Vancouver protesters marched to the Vancouver Art Gallery. In front of the gallery, Mr. Jiang, the director of Rule of Law Foundation was interviewed by CityNews. “Today is a bad day.” Jiang said, ” 71 years ago, the CCP established their hooligan regime and from there on many, many people died from their terrorist suppression over there”. “We have the duty and responsibility to disclose the truth, where did the virus come from.”, he said, “Take down the CCP, and let them tell us the truth.”

The NFSC has held a series of protests in the last few months in many cities all across the world including in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. The principal purpose of these activities is to awaken the West to the truth about the coronavirus, and to declare to the West that the Chinese people no longer accept the legality of the CCP. Chinese people must be liberated from their evil enslavement at the hands of the CCP. Actions must be taken immediately to take down the CCP.

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