10/1, Whistleblower Dr. Yan’s Latest Interview on ‘The Week’【Highlights】

Highlight 1:From January to now, I always do my best and with people’s help try to speak out , speak out the truth. But the Chinese Communist Party, and (its) colleagues including the WHO, including scientific world, including many mainstream media. They try their best to suppress me. For the past year (and) over, many people just believed the authorities. They trust them, so they ignore this possibility, this fact that the virus comes from the lab.

Highlight 2:We’re not allowed to know anything unless CCP government tell you the information. Also they even don’t protect the medical staff and innocent people in Wuhan. They let those patient, highly suspicious patient even until mid-January, stay in hospital in the common ward.

Highlight 3:In this secret investigation, Leo Poon warned me and also again repeat to me before and after. He said, you should be careful. Because China government don’t want to release these things. So he said don’t cross the red line. And if not, you will be in trouble, You will get disappeared.

Highlight 4:Because this one owned by Chinese Military. Not any other people can easily get it . The scientific world, they don’t want people to understand (know the truth). They try to change the concept. In fact, I can show you, within 6 months, with already traditional techniques, you can make it (this virus).


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