Pro-democracy Imposters

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The CCP’s Iron fist to crush the domestic pro-democracy movement

The Chinese communist regime is a totalitarian dictatorship controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for over 70 years. “The power comes from the barrel of the guns” as the founder of the country Chairman Mao blatantly said it.

The Chinese people were never given the rights and freedom promised by the CCP 70 years ago, they do not have the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and the right to vote. Chinese people are still not allowed to own any land after all the land was confiscated by the CCP during the land reform in the 1950s. Chinese people are currently blocked out of all access to outside information by a great internet firewall, with no access to the information from the western social media such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

The CCP ruthlessly smothers any pro-democracy movement within China with an iron fist. In 1989 they deployed military force and rolled in the tanks to steamroll peaceful student protesters during the June 4th Pro-Democracy Movement, and now they are brutally cracking down on the Hong Kong people who simply want to keep the promised “One country two systems”.

The CCP’s Iron fist in a velvet glove to crush the overseas pro-democracy movement

To sabotage the anti-CCP and pro-democracy movement overseas, the Ministry of National Security, the secret service of the CCP, adopted a sinister strategy: Join the democratic movement, lead the democratic movement, ruin the reputation of the democratic movement, then eliminate the democratic movement!

Pro-democracy imposters are a group of Chinese who pretend to be pro-democracy activists working in many democratic countries around the world. There are either covert agents, spies or collaborators of the CCP. Their job is to infiltrate and destroy the overseas anti-CCP pro-democracy movement. This group is an important part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare organization.

The early group of the imposters were some of the student protestors in the 1989 June 4th movement who fled to the west from China. Under the coercion and temptation of the CCP, many of them were converted into moles within the oversea pro-democracy movements.

Another group of imposters were dispatched overseas by the CCP and are disguised as scholars, professors, lawyers, priests, and pro-democracy activists on YouTube. And the CCP has been constantly sending more of them overseas.

With no exception, all those imposters are running dogs of the CCPs who pretend to denounce the CCP while actually helping it. They hollowed out the democratic movement from practical actions to empty slogans and ultimately destroyed the reputation and effectiveness of the pro-democracy movement.

The function of the pro-democracy imposters

Under the banner of pro-democracy movement, the pro-democracy imposters:
● Smear any true pro-democracy movement such as the Whistleblower movement and derogate, insult, defame and sell out the true pro-democracy warriors to the CCP;
● Function as the CCP’s oversea propaganda arm to disseminate misinformation via various social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc.;
● Infiltrate various levels of western government, civilian organizations, communities and professional societies, and mainstream and social media;
● they peddle influence, corrupt and even blackmail people in to work for CCP;
● covertly spy on the Chinese people who fled China to pursue democracy, and then corrupt and coerce them, or discourage them from opposing the CCP;
● Report, sell out and attack those effective pro-democracy compatriots.

Meanwhile, those imposters also defrauded money through fundraising and victimised many women through deception. As a result they ruined the image of overseas Chinese people and made others doubt whether Chinese people can ever achieve democracy.

How to identify pro-democracy imposters

Many pro-democracy imposters do not speak English and have no stable jobs despite living here for many years, yet they drive nice cars and live in big houses. Their income comes either from the CCP or from fraudulent fundraising.

Part of the pro-democracy imposters

Unlike the true anti-CCP pro-democracy fighters, those imposters are active on the CCP controlled and censored Chinese social media such as WeChat and Weibo and Chinese newspapers; their “anti-CCP” books can be published in China; their names can be searched on the Chinese search engine such as Baidu; they can get in and out of China freely without being arrested by the CCP.

One sure indication of all the imposters is that they never talk about the fundamental faults and lethal threats of the CCP. Specifically, they deny the following facts and even help the CCP cover up those crimes:
● The CCP has unleashed the coronavirus as a biological weapon that attacks the entire world and has the potential to release more biochemical weapons in the future. The imposters have viciously attacked Dr. Yan for publishing her scientific report which points out that the virus was engineered by the CCP in its Wuhan lab.
● The CCP are brutally suppressing and murdering the Hong Kong freedom fighters.
● The CCP kleptocrats have stolen enormous wealth from Chinese people and hid it overseas.
● The CCP kleptocrats’ wives, lovers and illegitimate children are living in the US and other western countries enjoying the western democracy, civilization while brainwashing the Chinese people to hate Americans and its western allies.

Nowadays, the primary goal of these imposters is to destroy the Whistleblowers Movement. They oppose anything advocated by Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblowers Movement. For example,
● The Whistleblowers Movement emphasizes the separation of the CCP from China as a country, but the imposters claim that China’s stability relies on the CCP which is completely false.
● The Whistleblower Movement emphasizes that the CCP must be eradicated in order to free the enslaved Chinese people and to eliminate the existential threats to entire humanity imposed by the CCP, but the imposters downplay it by claiming that all we need is CCP’s internal reform.
● The Whistleblower Movement supports HongKong’s pro-Democracy pro-freedom movement, but the imposters either avoided mentioning the topic or called the HK freedom fighters thugs, and instead they supported Hong Kong police and the National Security Law.

As you can see, the imposters exhibit no coherent logic, nor do they care about the difference between righteous and evil, the truth and the falsehood, they are doing whatever it takes to destroy the Whistleblowers Movement.

Recently as the war to take down the CCP advanced to the final battle, these imposters have also escalated their unrestricted warfare. The CCP have sent more sophisticated people to disguise as fellow warriors of the Whistleblower Movement, and they have infiltrated the movement to sabotage it from within and later to steal the fruits of the Whistleblower Movement. Meanwhile they viciously derogate, attack and send out teams of agents to harm and eliminate the Whistleblowers

What should we do about the pro-democracy imposters?

First of all, we must be vigilant that the pro-democracy imposters are prevalent overseas among us. They could be inside our Whistleblowers Movement or act as “independent pro-democracy fighters”.

Secondly, we must identify them and reveal their true identities to the public especially to their gullible followers to minimize further damages done by them.

Finally, we should collect the evidence of their collaboration with the CCP and report it to the government of their residing countries for legal actions such as criminal prosecution and deportation etc.

Those imposters are hypocritical and despicable moles and dangerous gangsters in our society, they threaten the livelihood and effectiveness of the anti-CCP pro-democracy movement and the lives of our true freedom fighters, they also ruin the reputation and image of the Chinese people.

We, the whistle-blowers, the proud members of the New Federal State of China, the true peace-loving, law-abiding decent Chinese people would like the world to know that:
● the CCP does not represent China;
● the CCP does not represent Chinese people;
● the pro-democracy imposters do not represent Chinese people.

So far at least 33 million people have been infected by the Coronavirus and 1 million people have died from this virus, which is a biochemical weapon unleashed by the CCP, and the numbers are still rising as we speak.

We urge all people around the world to join the New Federal State of China and our global allies to fight the CCP. This is not only a fight to save Chinese people, but also a fight to save the whole world from the pestilence of the CCP’s tyranny, malicious and lethal attacks and to defend all that is most sacred to human race: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The CCP is the most dangerous plague of our times, we must eradicate it. We must keep fighting until victory otherwise the whole world will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

Your action could be the last straw to crush the CCP. You can spread the messages and identify and report the pro-democracy imposters around you. Those imposters along with the CCP should be put on trial like the Nazis were on the Nuremberg trial.

You may also want to watch a video about it:

Pro-democracy Imposters

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[…] Pro-democracy Imposters […]


[…] Pro-democracy Imposters […]


[…] Pro-democracy Imposters […]


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