China “lost” 400 tons of strategic grain reserve in 6 days

China’s national grain reserve is experiencing frequent problems. The Chinese media reported that the Ningxiang Direct Depot in Hunan’s central grain reserve found in August last year that there was a difference of more than 400 tons between the book number of early rice purchases and the actual inventory. Twenty-six people involved in tempering with the weighing room have recently been sentenced.

Chinese media such as the Comprehensive Procuratorate Daily reported that in July last year, the weighing meter in the measurement room of the Ningxiang Grain Depot was artificially adjusted to the weight figure in order to defraud about one million yuan in grain payments.

In August of that year, when the Ningxiang Direct Depot carried out a survey of the purchase of the “early rice”, it was found that the book number was not the same as the actual number of the warehouse. The grain preparation in the book was more than the actual number. 400 tons of grain “vanished” in 6 days.

According to the report, the technicians discovered during an inspection that a small circuit board and antenna were added to the weighing meter circuit board in the measurement room of the grain depot. The display of the weighing meter can be changed arbitrarily through remote control.

The Ningxiang City Public Security Bureau subsequently opened a case for investigation. Most of the suspects involved were arrested within a few months, including jammer installers, food vendors, and food transport drivers. There were as many as 26 people. Two of the main suspects were found guilty of fraud recently and sentenced to over 10 years and fined 30,000 yuan. The remaining defendants were also sentenced separately.

The prosecutor undertook by the Ningxiang City Procuratorate believed that “this is not a case of theft, but a well-designed fraud against state property.” The criminals put national food funds into their own pockets.

The Outlook Weekly also disclosed earlier that the state-owned grain depot in Qingshen County, Sichuan Province, a major agricultural province, committed fraud. Some staff used methods such as “using the old as the new” and “empty truck in and out” to pocket state funds. But no one found that the granary had been empty for a year.

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9 months ago

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