Who is Our Real Enemy? – Part 3

What are the characteristics of demon nature? Its sole purpose was to enslave others and has no any sense of the rule of law. When human being is at the level of animal nature, he is called a magnificent brute; but at the level of demon nature, he is worse than beast, he is called devil.

These words are particularly accurate when applied to the CCP. The communists are made of special materials that they have party spirit only without any humanity, because they are not human beings at all, with the only emphasis on the demon nature, which is fight to destroy others in order to enslave all mankind. Therefore, from this perspective, we can see the trend of human evolution is not progressive at all, but regressive. From the beginning to learn from God, worship God, back to ego boost, not to learn from God, scholar on the line, learn their own line that would become human nature, talking about benevolence righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith, the basic rules of human being. After that, going backwards again, being brainwashed by Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was degeneracy rather than evolution that would degenerate to human beings, which are advanced animals. The humans are changed from monkey, which is simply a fallacy. Darwin’s theory of evolution poisoned the whole world and all mankind. Darwin himself said that the Theory of Evolution was the devil’s Bible, the purpose of which was to destroy God in opposition to Christianity. The Theory of Evolution was held in such high esteem by Marx and Engels who both quoted Darwin, and even mutually justified the point of view. They were both demons.

 In Communist China, where Darwin’s theory of evolution is the official and authoritative doctrine, we humans are the advanced animals. Since we are animals, we suppose to treat ourselves as animal’s demand, which is the law of the jungle, sheer cunning and falsehood, and the desire for food and lust. Food, shelter and mating are more than enough; political right does not matter to us, which is how we are poisoned. A great deal of this evil is in our education, which is enslaving and brainwashing us. The purpose is to stir up human being’s animal nature. The essence of the evil education of the CCP is to provoke our spirit of struggle, to engage in class struggle, to fight people against each other, to harm people by any means possible, without any bottom line, that is the demon nature. It is a basic rule that human beings are in such a regressive process.

When we look at it in terms of traditional Chinese wisdom, we realize that all the various doctrines and theories in the world can be grouped into these four categories. For example, some religions talk about the reverence of the Heaven and learn from God, which is the theory of divinity; some people talk about how to behave and be moral, which is the theory of human nature. Some talks about enjoyment and materialism only, nothing else, as long as the pursuit of happiness in the material, and then all kinds of mating and sex are sufficient, this is the theory of animal nature. If one speaks of Shang Yang’s ideas, of five apologetics of state power, of Marxism, of class struggle and of unrestricted warfare, this is the idea of demon nature.

The reason why the CCP gained its foothold in China was to promote the brainwash education. Many people commented on this, but did not see the essence, which is to stifle divinity and humanity, and then to provoke animal and demon nature. All of the true religions in China have been wiped out by the CCP. In the end, there is only one can be believed, that is, the Chinese Communist Party, whose nature is evil. As long the bestiality and animality are stirred up, the human beings will not revolt or rebel.  Therefore, the essence of the communism and the CCP is a cult, which perfectly conforms to the twelve characteristics of a cult, and is not only a tyranny. The essence of Chinese education is to destroy the divinity and human nature, and what it encourages and advocates are the animal nature and the demon nature. How come could the CCP’s BGY (Blue Gold Yellow) be successful internationally? The reason was it stirred up the world people’s animal and demon nature.  For example, giving money and bribes, organ transplants, stars, and young girls to American politicians and entrepreneurs is stirring up their demon and animal nature and then satisfying them before they can be used for the CCP in the future.

Now, the whole world is at a crossroads in history. The doctrine of righteousness put forward by Miles Guo is to restore humanity and return to divinity. Divinity is religion, faith, and humanity is the basis of being human. We cannot be animals. We must not bring ourselves down to the level of animals. The fundamental problem now is that the CCP won’t let you believe in the true religion, only in his cults and false religions. These are two different value systems that cannot coexist, so it is the time for us to make a judgment and also a choice.


Translator: Squirrel

Original Opinion Article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/09/29

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9 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !


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