The Lutheran News Agency analyzes the "nuclear bomb hard drive"-Xi wanted to plunder the overseas assets of the CCP's major families, and the Jiang Zengmeng family was forced to fish and break the net

On the evening of September 25, Eastern Time, the Revolutionary Lutheran Agency broke the news and analyzed the ins and outs of the “nuclear bomb hard drive” submitted by the Jiang Zengmeng family to the US government.

Luther pointed out that Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, tried to control the US presidential election and supported the election of Biden, who has major interests connected with him, in order to achieve the goal of infiltrating and controlling the US political system and dominating the world. After Xi Jinping became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, he had a great impact on the family economy After plundering the chain of interests, using methods of killing chickens and eggs, and arresting and killing the white gloves of various big families in the name of anti-corruption, they arranged for their spokesperson Yue Xinyu to take over the economic chain.

Luther said that Xi Jinping’s move broke the interest structure within the CCP system for many years and caused dissatisfaction among several big families in the party. Xi Jinping’s actions to discredit President Trump in order to support Biden’s ascendancy caused the Jiang Zengmeng family to panic. They feared that Biden would cooperate with Xi to plunder the overseas assets of several major families after he was elected president. At the same time, he was also afraid that Xi would kill him after he completed the plunder. . Against this background, the Jiang Zengmeng family was forced to make a move and handed three “nuclear bomb hard drives” to the US Department of Justice. After many setbacks, they were sent to President Trump by their revolutionary comrades.

The three “Nuclear Bomb Hard Disk” materials contain the following content that is sufficient to change world history:

1. Biden’s son Hunter Biden and a large number of black materials of American dignitaries;

2. King Xi’s overseas map of hiding money and his enslavement of the world plan;

3. Evidence and data of the CCP virus biochemical weapons raging around the world;

President Trump’s holding of the “nuclear bomb hard drive” also means that the CCP is about to withdraw from the stage of history. He has been in power for many years and committed many bloody crimes. The CCP plague created has destroyed the world economy and caused major deaths and injuries to mankind. It is about to face the people of the world. Trial.

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