9/22 Financial News: BGY funded by international capital markets sunk global market

Image source: FT

I.Blue, Gold and Yellow(BGY):

1.Despite American most sweeping anti-money laundering enforcement, there are many loopholes that have been made use of by Communist China and Russia to interfere democratic process over 100 times through wiring at least $300m legally to 33 countries. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has funded alleged donor schemes in Australia and New Zealand.

2.It was revealed by Global Times that CCP got engaged heavily with TikTok trade. Analysis of the Hill report implied that current trade should be rejected, confirmed by Trump’s speech on 21 Sep 2020. Who can insure the code inspected are the same as that is being used by TikTok? Who can ensure independence, objectivity or not being coerced of audit performance conducted in the field? Privacy and security will be harmed.

3.Communist China “trained” Tibetans into factory slaves

4.Trade for $1.5bn between CCP and Joe was cared by Jr Trump

5.On 21 Sep 2020, Finland Ambassador to Communist China attended an event International Science and Technology Exhibition in Sichuan hosted by CCP and represented that Finland where 5G supplier Nokia was incorporated had deep interest cooperating with CCP

II.Fund used for BGY and suppressing Chinese people came from international capital market and tax levied on Chinese people

6.On 21 Sep 2020, Ministry of Finance of CCP issued gilts for CNY5bn as follows.

7.CCP fiscal revenue increased for consecutive three months with 7% jump of tax revenue. Social insurance and employment payment, in which payment for “training and profession education” of people in Xinjiang, Tibet and Mongolia was included, increased by 10.9%.

III.Withdrawing blood from international capital market and Chinese people collapsed global stock market and purchasing power

8.Due to squeezed consumption by CCP, there were 480m square meters property inventories in 100 cities with turnover period up to 10 months. Inventory period in some cities of third and fourth lines was over 30 months. It can be inferred that collateral values of loans have been seriously impacted because of marginal effect.

9.Anxiety over CCP virus lockdown rendered global market dip on 21 Sep 2020. CCP virus is coronavirus bioweapon made by CCP in Wuhan P4 Lab used for killing and enslaving humankind.

By:【G Translator / Financial and Law Team】

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10 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !


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