August 25-29 NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstrations in Canada

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Game over CCP. The era of the New Federal State of China has come.

When Covid-19 turns the world to complete different place, when the lives of millions of families have been ruined, when the global economy has been dragged into the worst recession, when everyone wants to know what exactly happened to the world, have you ever noticed a particular colony?  You may have seen them waving their banners and posters on the streets, you may have heard them crying out in front of the buildings, but have you ever asked the question: who are they and what are they doing?

They are the real avengers; they are the real superheroes. They are the New Federal State of China. They are fighting the coronavirus, just as everybody is the world. They used to be the quietest colony in their own country.   But now they will not allow themselves to be silent anymore.

From the moment they stood in front of Chinese embassy on, they are facing the most malevolent force in the world: the Chinese Communist Party. 

Unlike the autocratic CCP leaders who are sitting in their luxury office surrounded and protected by thousands of police and soldiers armed to the teeth, these NFSC’s supporters don’t have a single gun or bat. But they have their own weapons inside their characters – courage, truth, and justice. 

The CCP manipulated all the media in China and almost every mainstream media over the world. But these protesters’ voices are being heard by more and more people.

When the elders started to tell the story how the CCP stole the power by cheating and killing people, when the middle-aged start to believe that their property and rights have been robbed by the CCP, when young people start to realize what they have learned from the CCP’s textbook is just a lie, when more and more starts to sing the song “Take down the CCP”, it is the perfect time to put the final blow into this demonic organization.

To the CCP – no matter how powerful you look as of now, your game is over. The era of the New Federal State of China has come.

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1 year ago

ccp must go to hell, ccp is evil

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp


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