“Take Down the CCP”: The Miracle of Pop Music History

A newly released rock song “Take Down the CCP” by Miles Guo, climbed to No. 1 on the top playlist. The release of the English single on 7th September swiftly attracted attention around the globe. The rock style song has swept through various major music platforms and hit the top list within just 72 hours, sending shocking waves throughout the world.

 1 The Download Ranking in Major Music Platforms

1.1 Top 1 in United States iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.2 Top 1 in Singapore iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.3 Top 1 in New Zealand iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.4 Top 1 in Macau iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.5 Top 1 in UAE iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.6 Top 1 in Canada iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.7 Top 1 in Hong Kong iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.8 Top 1 in Taiwan iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.9 Top 1 in Hungary iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @1am (EST)

1.10 Top 1 in Australia iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 10 @7:30am (EST)

1.10 Top 1 in Trinidad and Tobago iTunes

Screenshot on Sept. 11 @11:45pm (EST)

2 Positive Media Reports of the Song

The song is not only very unique in the creation which has shocked the music circle , but also widely circulated among media and people, which has caused heated discussion:

2.1 The National Pulse

2.2 Followcn.com

2.3 Raheem Kassam Twitter

2.4 Jason Christensen Twitter

2.5 Mr Tomato Twitter

2.6 Mark Li Twitter

3 Conclusion

3.1 The Reason of the Miracle Cultural Phenomena on the Song

“Take Down the CCP” uses the rock genre truly and directly shows the miserable reality of the world and the painful inner heart of people. The truths it well grasps in the song can immediately touch the soft part of our hearts once we sing it. It fully resonates with the listeners. The truths closest to our heart and the biggest emotional resonance decided the miracle and sensation of the song

3.2 The significance to the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China

It represents the spirit of the Whistleblower Movement that truth always prevails. The song has blown up the ‘Iron Curtain’ full of lies, deceits and greed which has been well fabricated by the mainstream media, giant corporations and political elites in reality. The song itself is like the air, water and sunshine that nobody can ever resist to fall into the enchantment.

Ranking as the No. 1 on iTunes music playlist means the deplorables around the world are listening to this and enjoying not only the music but also the determination to take down the CCP.  To take down and eliminate the CCP is the need of all human beings and their livelihoods.  Now it’s the common understanding that all people around the world shall stand together to fight against the CCP, which is the need of justice.

Miles’ first released song ranked to No. 1 of top rock songs on iTunes also means collaboration with the New Federal State of China will bring them tremendous profits. More and more companies and individuals in areas of music, arts and all culture related business will be attracted to the New Federal State of China and we will together take down the CCP.

Apple Music:https://music.apple.com/us/album/take-down-the-ccp-single/1530859183


Music Video: https://youtu.be/KBaT8xoksjE

The Lyrics:let me tell u what i been through baby
lived a life that was hella unfair
seen things that been driving me crazy
in a country where the leaders don’t care
didn’t think we that the courage to change it
tore it down and they wasn’t prepared
everything that they kept us from saying
now we talking and they better be scared
take down the CCP
take down the CCP
follow me and ima set us free
take down the CCP
take down the CCP
take down the CCP
communism’s dead to me
because it killed our families
fuck the CCP
they take and take and take from us
tell us what and who to love
swear i’ve finally had enough
it’s time to rise above

communism sucks
hard for me to give a fuck
tried to tell em & try to keep it up on the hush
middle finger up, turn into a fist
they wanna keep the poor poor so they never rich
if u wanna see the future look into the past
been a century of silence we gonna take it back
I’m just stating facts, tell you how it is
ain’t no way to change shit if we don’t resist

By:【G-Translators – North America Team】

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[…] “Take Down the CCP”, Miles Guo’s rock anthem targeting at taking down the Chinese Communist Party tops digital music charts around the globe within 72 hours of its release. The Chinese Communist Party reportedly offered $1billion to all the digital music outlets to censor the release of the single with no success. ( News link) […]

10 months ago

ccp must go to hell

10 months ago

sound very ROCK, i like the song

10 months ago

a real ROCK, smash CCP, haha

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

10 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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