Czech to pay a heavy price for Senate speaker’s Taiwan visit; says CCP

The Chinese Communist Party is sending a strong warning to the Czech Republic after a politician visited Taiwan.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang urged the Czechs to observe the one-China principle, describing it as the foundation of ties between the two nations.

This weekend, Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil led a delegation to the island designed to boost business links. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, currently in Europe, also called the visit a provocation. And one of his spokespersons echoed those warnings.

Taiwan and Czech Republic sign three MOUs on trade and tech

Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil and his delegation are in Taipei on Day 2 of their six-day visit.

Vystrcil joined a trade and investment forum on Monday, where he witnessed the signing of three agreements between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. These memorandums of understanding will focus on boosting exchanges in smart cities, smart machinery, and other tech sectors.

Onstage, the Czech senate president delivers a greeting in Mandarin Chinese. Monday was the second day of his Taiwan visit. He headed a delegation with more than 40 Czech industry leaders to a forum on the economy, trade, and investment in Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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