The Evidence is Solid: The CCP Intervenes in the US Election Through WeChat

Author: Arya

The Chinese Communist Party is launching a campaign in the WeChat circle that aims to bribe Chinese in the United States to buy votes to influence the US election. Their goal is to defeat Trump!

The following content is translated from WeChat screenshots

ethnic Chinese citizen votes110,00070,000130,000
The number of votes the Democratic Party lost in 201618,00011,00068,000
The number of electoral votes291620
Funds needed to change the election results ($)9,000,0005,500,00034,000,000
Other funds20,000,000$ (Estimate)
The total funding needed to win the elections in Florida and Michigan by doubling the ethnic Chinese voter turnout34,500,000$ (Estimate)
The total number of votes needed to win the general election270

[If you have a chance to make a billion people live better……] (Author: It’s a lie, they just wanna CCP live better.)

[If you have the opportunity to make 1 billion people live better and you have no return, would you do it? If you have the opportunity to make 10 billion people live better and longer, and you can earn 1 million yourself, you will do it even more, right? If so, please read the following text carefully, but please do not forward it in the group or share it in the circle of friends.] (Author: See? They know it’s a dirty work, must keep it in secret.)

[Turning a post may earn 1 million, or save the world (eliminate the possibility of a one-thousandth nuclear war)] (Author: Wow! This is a stark threat. Remember when they threatened the United States not to open Pandora’s box in November last year? As a result, the virus spread to the world after two months.)

[Do you know the top managers of the HATT (Huawei, Ali, TIKTOK, Tencent,)? Are you an anti-Trump? We invite you to cooperate in the development of an investment project in the United States. We only need to help relevant personnel to forward a message and build a bridge. We can give these four giants hundreds or even thousands of times the return. As a matchmaker, you can easily get a return of millions of RMB or even higher by lifting your finger in a few minutes. ] (Author: They pretend to be a third-party plan. In fact, the funder behind this is HATT, and behind HATT is CCP.)

[The current situation is already obvious. If Trump wins the election in November, it will inevitably lead to the decoupling of China and the United States, which will inevitably cause great harm to the interests of all aspects of China and the United States. Even if this point is disputed, at least one thing is certain: Trump’s re-entry will cause unpredictable losses to the four major Chinese companies in the United States (HATT), and each of them will at least lose. Tens of billions of dollars. Therefore, we can cooperate with several of these large companies and invest one-thousandth of the tens of billions of dollars they are about to lose to invest in our projects. This investment can also help us easily help Biden win elections in two decisive states. Judging from the current situation, this is enough to make Trump lose the election.] (Author: CCP is so afraid of decoupling with US, which will let them lose trillions of money, when they out of money, they will die.)

[Although Biden is currently leading the polls, Trump’s supporters turn out higher. Although Trump’s opponents are the majority among the Chinese, those who do not like Trump generally do not vote. However, this year’s situation and the particularity of the electoral system in the United States, we can greatly increase the voting rate of Chinese in the designated 2 or 3 states with a little effort (this is equivalent to increasing the voting rate of Chinese people against Trump) , Thereby changing the election results (see the attachment for details). We believe that only Biden’s victory in the election can save China-US relations, and more importantly, it also saves the United States, China, and even the world. The above four companies all have businesses in the United States and pay taxes, so we can accept them as investments in local businesses under 100% legal conditions. After all, raising the turnout rate cannot be questioned by anyone.] (Author: CCP understands the American electoral system so well that they can easily find loopholes in it and exploit them.)

[Note that this investment needs to be in place by the end of September at the latest. The memory of voters mainly depends on the propaganda before November 3, three weeks before the election. Due to the controversial nature of this proposal, please do not forward it in public places such as WeChat Moments.] (Author: I just want to ask the Americans, do you still want to let the CCP live until the end of the election?)

We hope that all Americans who are still fantasizing about “hug pandas” can see clearly that CCP is always fooling the Chinese, Americans, and people all over the world. They have told the Chinese that the United States is bad, they have told the Americans that the CCP is equal to the Chinese, and they hide behind 1.4 billion of Chinese against the world. Today we Chinese say no, we have had enough, and we should not be kidnapped by the CCP. Americans please wake up and take down the CCP, otherwise everyone will be controlled by the CCP.

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take down ccp

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ccp must go to hell

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !


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