Press Conference By Ministry Of National Defense Of China on Nov. 28: South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan Strait

Question:Recently, USS Gabrielle Giffords and USS Wayne Meyer entered China’s neighboring waters of Meiji Reef and the territorial waters of Xisha Islands respectively. Do you have any comment and have the Chinese side take any measures to respond?

Answer:The spokesperson of the PLA Southern Theater Command has already issued Chinese side’s position on these two events. Here I want to stress that these two events only show once again that the US side is disrupting international laws and norms, sowing disorder in the South China Sea, risking the safety of service members of both sides and undermining the military relationship between China and the U.S. The Chinese military will continue to take all necessary measures to defend national sovereignty and security and protect peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Question:Recently, there are many media coverage on the situation in Hong Kong and we notice that one of the most frequently mentioned phrase is “ending violence and chaos and restoring order”. Will the Chinese military take new measures to end violence and chaos and restore orders?

Answer:On the situation in Hong Kong, President Xi Jinping gave an important statement on Nov.14 and sent the strongest message about ending violence and chaos and restoring order in Hong Kong. The statement sets the direction and path for stabilizing situation in Hong Kong. The PLA Hong Kong Garrison will obey the instructions of the Party’s Central Committee and the Central Military Commission. It has the determination, confidence and capabilities to fulfill its missions entrusted by the Basic Law and the Garrison Law. And it is able to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests and safeguard long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.

Question: This month, China’s second aircraft carrier passed through the Taiwan Strait. The outside world is interested in China’s future plan for aircraft carriers. What is the military’s consideration on this? Second question, the spokesperson pointed out that the actions of the US warships pose threats to service members on the two countries’ naval vessels. Does this mean that the increasing provocations by the United States Navy will increase the chance of accidents between the naval vessels of China and the US?

Answer: On the first question, developing aircraft carriers is a major strategic decision based on our national security and overall development. We will plan the development of aircraft carriers in accordance with our economic and social development and the needs of national defense and military build-up.

On the second question, despite warnings from the Chinese side, US warships and aircraft repeatedly and deliberately trespassed into neighboring waters and airspace of China’s islands and reefs in the South China Sea. These actions jeopardize regional peace and stability, undermine China’s sovereignty and security, and endanger the safety of the front-line service members of both sides. These are very dangerous provocations. We urge the US side immediately stop such operations that harm China’s interests. The Chinese military has always been on high alert and will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard our national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Source from Ministry Of National Defense Of China website

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