A CUHK Student’s Right Eye Was Hit By Rubber Bullet but Persisted to Fight After Surgery

CUHK student got shot in the eye with 50% vision left but he said he didn’t want to waste too much time in hospital but went back earlier to help.

Chun Jai’s (pseudonym) right eye was hit by a rubber bullet fired by the police during the conflict in CUHK and was sent to a hospital. He was at death’s door but managed to live with only 50% of vision. Returning to CUHK with reporters, he reminisced that his eye injury was “not worth it, but expected.”

Chun’s right eyeball and retina were damaged, and had his both eyelids, infraorbital bone and tear duct burst. He had to go through two rounds of surgery. When asked if he wanted full or partial anesthesia, he chose the latter so that he could “not waste time and go back earlier to help,” and persisted through the pain of the two surgeries, which lasted for 3 and 5 hours respectively.

He thanked the medical staff for concealing his condition because he was hit directly by a bullet and might be arrested if the police knew it, but ”they understood what he was going through,” and kept saying, “Sorry.”

Source: InMedia HK https://bit.ly/2Dh


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Nov. 30, 2019