Last words of Mr. He Lingle, Miles Guo’s Teacher

Mr. He Lingle is one of the most important teachers in Miles Guo’s life. This is his last words for Miles:

I want to tell Miles Guo that you have changed the rest of my life. Your outstanding performance has made me feel proud and without regret. Whenever I recall these decades of ups and downs, your miraculous performance always saved the day, and I always think that the hand of God is holding you up so that you will not fall from the high above.

I also believe that your parents’ education has laid a good foundation for your life. You wouldn’t get here without the essential quality of kindness.

I believe in two rails of life, one is to be a good person, and the other is to be a person who has struggled and contributed to society. You did both, and it was brilliant.

You have a superior memory, savvy, wisdom, strong will, first-class social skills, and keen insight into one’s psychology and analytical ability. All of these make me tremendously admire.

Source: Mr. Miles Guo

Translations:【GM18】 Publisher:【GM31】

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