CCP’s AI virus: scientists uncover why the virus so dangerous

Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center have finally found out a vital element of the CCP virus: it camouflages itself inside the cell to avoid detection or immune responses. This could explain what makes the new virus so dangerous to some patients.

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As Chinese dissident Miles Guo has said months ago that the CCP virus is an “AI virus” for being able to play “hide-and-seek” and sometimes even “out-smart” humans.

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9 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Start Died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago

CCP is a ghost, CCP virus is also a ghost!
CCP spawn the virus.
CCP is the source of the evil things.
CCP did what Satan did.
CCP cheat people, and destroy our life.
Take down CCP, save our child, save our future, save our life time!