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No doubt about it, that is CCP Virus

2020 is a catastrophic year for the world and mankind.

The CCP virus is raging around the world, and has now infected 16 million people worldwide, with more than 650,000 deaths.

The cold death number reflects how many people involuntarily died, how many people faced the death of their friends and family members, and how many people broke their hearts, and suffered indefinitely!

Our loved ones have lost their lives! our friends have suffered from the virus!

We could have been enjoying the bright summer sunshine, the cool breeze from the sea, and the embrace of our loved ones. However, because of the CCP, our home has become a cage and we have lost our freedom to move.

How much damage has the virus brought to us, how many people have been forced to face unemployment, how many people have lost their jobs, how many people have lost their dignity, and how many people have been displaced from their homes?

How much distrust and hatred have been brought out among people by unemployment, loneliness, and isolation? How much prejudice and discrimination have been brought to people?

Who put us through so much pain? No doubt about it, that is CCP.

In this pandemic, the CCP behave both ferociously and shamelessly!

Hiding the knowledge of human-to-human transmission of the CCP virus, the CCP hosted the annual banquet for nearly 40,000 families in Baibuting, Wuhan City. This has caused the virus to spread widely.

Even with clear signs of human to human transmission among medical staff, the CCP brutally suppressed and silenced the initial eight doctors who tried to warn the others. Among them, Dr. Li Wenliang eventually contracted the CCP virus and passed away!

The CCP treats the Chinese people so cruelly that many family members of the deceased can’t even get the ashes of their loved ones. They are not even allowed to weep when they receive the ashes!

CCP is bloodless to not only its own people, but also to people around world!

In late December, the CCP had known about the human-to-human transmission of the CCP virus but they failed to report to the World Health Organization about the epidemic in China. Afterwards, the CCP and the World Health Organization worked together to conceal the truth about the CCP virus from the world.

When Wuhan was locked down on January 23, the CCP allowed people from Wuhan to travel internationally. There were about a million Chinese flying around the world resulting in a worldwide pandemic.

Without warning the world, the CCP actually mobilized overseas Chinese leaders and state-owned enterprises to sweep out personal protective equipment (PPE) in January. After the explosion of global pandemic, the CCP shamelessly sold the hoarded PPE at high prices. The CCP is indeed a heartless murderer!

After that, the CCP even shamelessly asked for praise and acknowledgement from various nations for providing the PPE!

At the time of global demand for the joint investigation of the origin of the CCP virus, the CCP not only refused the international investigation, but also destroyed the original strain of the virus and the Wuhan P4 Laboratory!

In order to divert the attention of the international community, the CCP tried to cover up the truth from the public and spread misinformation that the virus actually came from the United States, Italy, or Germany!

In order to avoid the blame from the international community, the CCP even bought off scientists from all over the world to stand with them by saying that the coronavirus came from the nature.

When Australia took the lead to hold the CCP accountable, the CCP carried out a brutal blow back in Australia with increased tariffs on barley and beef, and retaliated politically.

At the annual conference of the World Health Organization when the vaccine is nowhere in sight, the CCP actually announced to the world that the vaccine will be provided free of charge to the world. At the same time, CCP hackers continue to attack vaccine research institutes in the United States and around the world to steal the research results of the vaccine from the scientists.

Dr. Limeng Yan from the Hong Kong P3 laboratory fled to the United States to blow the whistle on the truth. The CCP tried its best to discredit Dr. Yan and even sent her family to kill her to prevent her from telling the truth!

More likely, the virus is a biochemical weapon released by the CCP to attack the world.

The evilness of CCP is outrageous!

With the CCP, there is no truth about the virus, and without the truth, it will be very difficult for mankind to get rid of the threat from the virus!

The CCP is an irresponsible totalitarian regime, a thorough transnational criminal group, and a terrorist organization without morality and principles. The CCP keeps saying that it wants to build a community with a shared future of mankind. In fact, it talks about all good things, but only does all bad things. It disrupts the order of human society and the rules of international communication. This lawless CCP poses an obvious and real major threat to the health, safety and prosperity of the world.

CCP is a big cancer, an eternal taint, and an enemy of human beings. CCP must be driven out of humanity! Make it disappear from the world.

Now we have reached the critical moment of life or death. All mankind must unite and shout loudly to the CCP. We must ask the CCP to surrender the truth about the virus and to confess all concealed facts! If the CCP refuses, the whole world will decouple from the CCP and impose sanctions on the CCP, so that CCP will be annihilated once and for all! All citizens of the global village should unite to eliminate the CCP and demand a return of health and freedom!

World War III has begun. To all mankind, are you ready?

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9 months ago

CCP is the enemy of human beings.
CCP is the cancer of the earth.
CCP is the agent of Satan.
Defeat CCP, kick CCP out of the earth!