How much truth has been covered up by the Dalian epidemic?

Author:Tujia tribe and translated by:GM70

Comment: On July 26, the News Office of the People’s Government of Dalian, Liaoning Province, issued a daily epidemic report. From the perspective of propaganda, there is the shadow of the party everywhere. This party not only controls the media, but also controls the epidemic, and can even control the number of infections and deaths according to the needs of the party. We have not seen on-site interviews by international media and independent media. Some are just briefings of the epidemic by party bureaucrats. There is no real situation of the people in the closed epidemic situation, nor can they hear the voices of the people. Only the official media shamelessly declares that we are doing very well. The people must cooperate with the government and obey its commands.

In this kind of propaganda, the government’s responsibilities are forgotten, and the lowest-level people are also ignored. They are the group most in need of help. Any difficulty will make them despair. They have no savings, and their daily hard work is only enough for life. They are the most ordinary people and the most difficult group of people. The government’s responsibility is to lift the people at the bottom out of poverty and solve food and clothing, not to ignore them.

The government has no statistics on how many people are in need of help like this, let alone substantive assistance. They seem to have evaporated. Some are just boasting and boasting. The suffering of the people is only a distant memory, who will help them. Ordinary people under the closure of the epidemic, see their family members or friends around them falling down or losing their lives due to the virus every day. How can they be calm? Can you not be afraid? But under this calm surface, I don’t know how many stability-maintenance forces are hidden. They are more frightening than viruses, because you may disappear at any time.

Judging from the CCP’s notification that party members are sent to the grassroots to do a good job in mental health and counseling for citizens.  In this harsh environment, the secondary disasters caused by many people who cannot bear the psychological pressure are also very serious, which shows the grave nature of the epidemic. But this cannot be reported at all. All of this can only be harmonized. Some are just propaganda by the CCP, all of this is so peaceful.  Under the Communist dictatorship, people will always endure endless disasters.

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9 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Start Died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago

CCP lie again.
CCP can not stop cheating!
CCP is agent of Satan!

9 months ago

In all kinds of China medias, you can always see so-called positive energy, which displays the sacrifices of a small group or individuals to attract the eyes and win the sympathy of the People. But, at the same time, government stops all questions and investigation on how did it happen? why didn’t it be stopped? where is the government responsibility? So, human tragedies are always falling on our innocent people. Take down CCP and bring all our deserved Rule of law, order and justice back. Welcome New Federal of China.

9 months ago

Autocratic governments will be like their old friends