The Farm: The Key CCP Cultural Difference

The CCP doesn’t value human life the way we do in the west. This is a commonly misunderstood difference in culture and explains on some level the existence of the concentration camps, the prison camps, and the labor camps. We now know that there are more than 500 of these such camps, with the latest estimate of 3 million only accounting for approximately 180 of those 500 camps. 

A common argument we hear is that ‘the evils of the west are comparable to the evils of the east’, but this is not true. Most of us here just want to live and let live, and few of us can imagine the depth of the horror being committed every day in such a faraway place. We can more easily recognize these evils on our own turf — and to a large degree, that war entered our homeland decades ago. 

The scale of human rights violations in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong are hard to summarize. This speaks nothing of other abuses throughout mainland China where press freedoms are non-existent. It is safe to say that ‘communism’ as an ideological practice is to respond for many untold millions of deaths and still more millions of prison sentences, exiles, and other atrocities. These fundamental differences in culture, as well as our lack of understanding about them, have contributed to a society that has deluded itself into submission to Beijing’s will. At every turn, major (overwhelmingly negative) social issues that play out in our country every day are broadcast as ammunition to feed the nationalist agenda in mainland China. It is our blindness to these issues that have incapacitated our nation from taking meaningful action to address these issues for decades. While we were asleep and complacent, a foreign and hostile government, run by a pathological military complex, was able to become ‘the threat’ that needs to be addressed in our time.

In 2017, a Kindergarten was demolished by CCP officials in an effort to cover up a ring of child abusers. RYB Education (a company listed on NYSE) was operating a ring for pedophiles out of a hotel in Beijing. When the ring was exposed, the Kindergarten was demolished entirely to hide the evidence, and the parents of the abused children were arrested for making the complaint in the first place. Meng Jianzhu, the head of Communist China’s administered police force, was the owner of this company. We do not know his fate at this time.

Demolished RYB kindergarten in Beijing. (First-hand photo)
RYB kindergarten parents’ chatting history.
Local government’s announcement after the pedophile scandal revealed by the furious parents. 2017.
screenshot. RYB Education Inc is still a legal company on NYSE, now.

In sum, the delusion is that America must fall for others to rise — and that their labor output would augment ours. We never gave a passing thought to workers’ rights or conditions in our largest trading partner, but we had no issue consuming the output of their work. It’s by the pure irony that the alienation of workers labor to their personhood has been so clearly decoupled in a supposedly communist society. This is why the government refers to itself as ‘socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ rather than purist Communism. This term is a euphemism — one of many employed by the totalitarian regime — that clearly explains the scale of the theft that this government has committed against its people.

Above almost all else, Western culture values the lives of children and youth. The CCP’s efforts have corrupted culture in the east — enabled by our Western elites — to the point that children are no longer valued over money. CCP’s ‘one-child’ policy has killed tens of millions of children, and it’s still ongoing with a modified version: ‘two children’ policy.

As CCP exterminator Miles Guo has said, government officials forcibly abort children for $30 at a time that violate the official government policy. For officials, this is obviously not the case — the main point being that Wang Qishan even sent his illegitimate daughter 1.5 billion dollars that, according to government policy, should have been forcibly aborted.

This is a fundamental difference in culture rapidly being exposed in our own society due to changes in federal policy. We must not forget why the Epstein accuser fled from her captors in the first place. 

Author: Halliburton.

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