A Thanksgiving Message

“My dear friends, we must thank heaven for giving us opportunities and challenges. It is worth fighting for regardless of the pressure and pain. We will no longer be treated like pigs and dogs, we will no longer be the victims. Instead, we want a better future for China and the Chinese people. We want the Chinese Communist Party to be changed and eliminated!” — Miles Guo

As we celebrate the third Thanksgiving holiday of the Expose Revolution, we have a lot to be thankful as Mr. Guo has been leading us through trials and tribulations. Countless friends are fighting for the same goal along with Miles Guo sharing laughter and tears. As we are approaching the day of the CCP’s imminent demise, we anticipate our great triumph with many gratitudes.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for this great era, thankful for the U.S. for guarding justice, thankful for the resilient and courageous Hongkongers, thankful for all those who are with us on this journey. We have so much to be thankful. Because of you, Miles Guo is not fighting alone. Because of you, the Expose Revolution is spreading around the world like a wildfire. Because of you, we can press on together fearlessly despite dangers and obstacles.


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Nov. 28, 2019