Eradicating the CCP Virus

Author: Dawn

Himalaya Farm Canada

Human race is facing the biggest existential threat of our era, more than 13 million people around the world including 108,000+ Canadian have been infected by COVID-19, among which 581,000+ people including almost 9,000 Canadian have died from it.  The numbers are climbing daily and we are seeing no end to it soon.  Oddly all the mainstream news media around the world and most governments have hitherto been silent on the origin, the culprit and the true nature of the virus. And that silence has been deafening. 

Finally, on July 27, 2020, a day that shall be recorded in the history book, that silence was broken on a global stage like a roaring thunder on a quiet summer night. From Japan and Korean to Britain and France, from Australia and New Zealand to US and Canada, mass protests erupted in ten major cities around the world. Courageous expatriates of the communist China, now proud members of the new Federal State of China, risking the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), along with freedom fighters around the world, were demanding their governments to confront the CCP and find out the truth of the coronavirus. They were chanting “CCP Lied, People Died”, “CCP Lied, Canadian Died”, “Take Down the CCP”. “CCP Lied, People Died” is a slogan initiated by Mr. Peter Navarro of US government and he commended those protestors for using of the slogan and “grieved” that no other protests used it so far.

Mounting evidences have shown that the CCP deliberately spread the virus around the world by encouraging Chinese people from the epidemic centre in China to travel abroad while forbidding them to travel within China and delayed its announcement of human-to-human transmission.  Afterwards, the CCP vacuumed up PPEs around the world to prevent people from protecting themselves from the virus. Later the CCP sent faulty N95 masks to Canada and other countries which could potentially harm our people especially medical workers. 

Back at the end of April 2020, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a top Chinese virologist as well as a medical doctor from Hong Kong P3 Lab, designated as the WHO’s representative to investigate the COVID-19 outbreak in China in Dec. 2019, risking her own life and her family’s well-being, heroically escaped to the US to expose the CCP’s cover-up of the truth of COVID-19. In her recent two interviews by Fox, Dr. Yan warned the world not to expect herd immunity or a vaccine right now because the world did not truly understand this virus and the nature of the virus was different than the media reported so far. She urged the world to find out the truth of the virus from the CCP as there was not much time left.

The CCP is a criminal organization taking over China by force in 1949 as they blatantly claimed: “The power comes from the barrel of the gun”.  They have been using the five strategies to manipulate and enslave the Chinese people through brainwashing, weakening, exhausting, demoralizing and impoverishing the people. If those strategies fail to subdue the people, then the CCP would kill the people as they did to the students in TianAnMen Square Movement and as they are doing to the brave young man and women on the streets of Hong Kong right now. 

For decades, the CCP have been deploying the same strategies globally to gain control and ultimately dominate the world. To weaken and impoverish the western nations, the CCP has eviscerated their industries and shipped fentanyl to poison the desperate and unemployed or under employed people. Belt and Road initiative is a predatory project masquerading as an aid to indebt foreign nations, to impoverish their people and to seize their strategic assets. To demoralize and divide the people, the CCP foment internal struggles and turmoil in some western countries.  To brainwash the people, the CCP has created the Confucius Institutions and launched global disinformation campaign. Now the CCP has unleashed the coronavirus across the world to kill people. The CCP attempts to bring the world to their knees and ultimately conquer the world.

Canadians should no longer look away from the atrocities committed by the CCP and mute ourselves from the heart-breaking cries of help from the desperate and dying people: those in the Uighur concentration camp, those whose organs were harvested alive, those Tibetans, Christians and Falun Gong who were persecuted simply because of their religious belief,  and our own countrymen Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor who are enduring torment each and every day as political hostages in the inhumane Chinese prisons.

Canada, as a country found on the impregnable rock of democracy and a vanguard in defending human rights, must once again rise to the occasion to confront the CCP and find out the truth of COVID-19. This is the time for Canadian people and government to prove that we are not cowards, that we are not unworthy of our great ancestors of our land who has built this beautiful country and civilization, to prove that we truly cherish the world peace and order bequeathed to us by the WWII heroes through their great sacrifice of lives, to prove that we are neither complicit of nor naïve to the CCP.

The New Federal State of China is a self-declared government in exile of China founded by the Whistle-blower Movement leader Mr. Miles Guo and other prominent world figures on June 4, 2020, the 31th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre. It has overwhelming support of some 40 million Chinese living inside and outside Chinese. The good image and spirits of the protestors today are true representation of the Chinese, i.e. brave, polite, intelligent and law-binding. 

Therefore, Canada should join the New Federal State of China as well as our global allies to fight the CCP. This is not a question of fighting for the Chinese people, we are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence of the CCP’s tyranny and in defence of all that is most sacred to man, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The CCP is the virus, the CCP is the plague of our time, we must eradicate it.  We must fight to reach victory otherwise we will subject ourselves, our children and their children to the mercy of the CCP and the whole world would sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age. As Dr. Yan said there is not much time left, we must act now!!!

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