Uyghurs from ‘education’ camp say: We believe in Marxism.

Does Communist China start to let western journalists interview Xinjiang’s internment camp students? Only the dedicated ones picked by the regime.


The intimidated Uyghur interviewers were saying exactly the same words according to Xinjiang papers which were released by the New York Times.

Editor’s words: Here is a typical boilerplate that China shows the journalist who wants to find out the truth of the camps in Xinjiang. The regime is destroying all Uyghurs’ believe. It’s a cultural annihilation. From the interview, we can see what the Uyghurs and translator said is contradicting and full of lies. First of all, Marxism is not a religion. Secondly, what the guys said was contradicting to what the translator said. Third, the translator claims to the journalist that the man is an extremist! The same scheme as the communist regime claims the pro-democracy Hongkongers are riots. And from the last interview, we can see the translator wants to cut the conversation earlier by saying, “she hopes that you have good fortune or have a good trip in Xinjiang.”

What are you try to hide, Communist Party? What did you do to make them intimidated like this?

Author: Candy & GM09.
Subtitles translator: Yuma.
Subtitles maker: GM38
Editor: GM09.

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