【Revolution Diary 】How myself changed between 2017-2019

Hi, Wellcome to Revolution Diary. I am a 90th Chinese student. Please forgive my poor English.

Recently there is one thing that goes popular in Chinese social media. People are posting their selfies in WeChat and Weibo to compare changes between 2017 and 2019.

Since 2016 I study abroad and start watching the broadcast of Miles Kwok. Many of my ideas have changed. The following picture shows how my thoughts changed between 2017-2019.

Before, I like American movies; Now, I love American This country.

Today I know more American politicians than before


Before I don’t know Trump, Now, I think he is a hero.


Before, I think it represents Freedom of speech. Now I don’t think so


Before, I think she is strong. but now I know she is just fat and kidnapped by CCP

CCP (Chinese communist party)

Before I even don’t care who my president is. Now I believe 99% of CCP members are not bad, but they were kidnapping by a few bad people and this horrible system. And I must take CCP down.

Before I know a few famous Hong Kong movie star, Now, Hong Kong people are my heroes.

Hong Kong

Wang Qishan



“Chinese old friend”

Many of my thoughts changed between 2017-2019. The above picture just some example. How about you?

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