July 25, 2020 Weekly News Brief

1.    COVID-19 (CCP Virus)

1.1 Scientists identify six different types of coronavirus with increasing severity levels
Commentary: Six distinct types of coronavirus have been identified by scientists in a breakthrough that promises to save lives by flagging the highest-risk patients. If doctors can predict who these patients are at day five, there is time for support and early intervention, preventing hospitalising and saving lives.

1.2 Mike Pompeo said US intelligence shows the head of WHO was ‘bought by the Chinese government,’ according to reports
Commentary: Thank you Secretary Pompeo for pointing this out. The WHO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP. We need to ask who helped Tedros take the role of director-general? Who was the immediate past director-general? Who are the supporters for Tedro in the scientific community? The network in WHO has been worked on over the last decade by the CCP. We need to think about why the CCP decided to invest and build its team within WHO back then? Maybe WHO is in the way? BIG agenda.

2.    Hong Kong

2.1 Trump signs bill holding China accountable for ‘oppressive actions’ in Hong Kong
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement. More countries have suspended the Extradition Act with Hong Kong and US has further made this move. Hong Kong, will no longer be different from any city from China mainland. This will have huge impact politically, economically and militarily. Watch its further development as it unfolds.

2.2 Why Businesses in Hong Kong should be worried
Commentary: Since the National Security Law took effective from 30 June 2020, Hong Kong stock market turnover has been the highest in more than 2 years. Fears increase and confidence drops among businesses and investors, as Hong Kong’s legal, monetary and regulatory system is no longer sound. If Businesses executives are not to face fines or prison, they must either comply or leave.

2.3 Beijing’s crackdown drives surge in Hongkongers seeking Australian visas
Commentary: A smart and swift move by Australian government to capture the great social-capitals of Hong Kong to offer them a new visa scheme, including a five-year graduate visa for students and a pathway to permanent residency. They will bring along their talents, business skills, invest in new business and create job opportunities for Australians and provide a richness in history and cultural diversity.

3.    Taiwan

No major development this week but watch this space.

4.    CCP as a Global Threat

4.1 U.S. wants to build coalition to counter China’s ‘disgraceful’ menace, Pompeo says
Commentary: Pompeo is travelling to the Europe for a compelling reason, the objectives of which could not be accomplished in any other ways than face-to-face meetings. Is he doing the road shows to put the “military team” together or seek “financial support” for military actions? Trust the plan!

4.2 At Nixon library, Pompeo declares China engagement a failure
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement. For the very first time in history, Pompeo is calling on the Chinese people and free nations of the world to choose side and actively induce changes to the Communist China. Reading between the lines suggests that the CCP will be taken down in an innovative way like no other. Let’s finish what we started and where we started, Nixon Library.

4.3 Exclusive: French limits on Huawei 5G equipment amount to de facto ban by 2028
Commentary: One more country purges “Huawei” and off the “CCP” hook.

5.    The New Federal State of China

5.1 What is The New Federal State Of China?
Commentary: Miles Guo says “The New Federal State of China is ready to bring freedom, rule of law and democracy for the 1.4billion Chinese people and move forward with the world.” The New Federal State of China has commenced working with the world to take down the CCP and transforms China.

5.2 The New Federal State of China Protest Rally

Commentary: Protest rally by the citizens of the New Federal State of China on Monday 27 July 2020, in front of Chinese Consulate Sydney in the morning and US Consulate Sydney in the afternoon. Protestants to reveal the truth of the CCP virus, voice against the Hong Kong National Security Law, and bring public aware of the value and mission of the New Federal State of China.

6.    Military and Intelligent Front

6.1 US, Indian navies conduct joint military operations as tensions simmer with China
South China Sea: Australian warships encounter Chinese navy in disputed waters
Commentary: Military drills jointed by US, India, Japan, Australia and the list goes on to protect this strategic waterway for the international community from the illegal expansive maritime claim of the CCP. The whole world is watching.

7.    Religion Front

7.1 China tells Christians to renounce faith in Jesus & worship President Xi Jinping instead
Commentary: One of the anticipated actions by the CCP from the CCP-Vatican deal. The impoverishment and enslavement of the people is deliberately designed and executed so that CCP can manipulate and take control virtually over people by manipulating the allowances and subsidies. The whole social-political structure is built for this purpose. Do you know that the police and PLA remain “party-army” that is responsive to orders only from the CCP? The most fit-for-purpose place to introduce “defund the police” will be in China.

8.    Finance and Currency and Economic Front

8.1 Virus surge and new China tensions could spark a 20% to 30% market meltdown, long-time bull Ed Yardeni warns
Commentary: It is a V-shape or L-shape recovery is completely dependent on whether the world can deconstruct the CCP. The CCP will keep the pandemic renewed over and over again and we are all going to live with the virus for a long time to come. This is the reality. Forget about the stock market, forget about the opportunity cost, focus on taking down the CCP, the root cause of the virus.

8.2 Rubio Urges President’s Working Group on Financial Markets to Address China’s Exploitation of U.S. Financial System
Commentary: To put it simply, the CCP is using American money and American technology to destroy American democracy and American society. The Wall Street is turning a blind eye on this, and partnering with CCP for its profit in the whole scheme. Secretary Mnuchin needs to stop procrastination now and catch up with the rest of the US “War Council”.

9.    Media, Information and Ideology Front

9.1 CCP’s five strategies for a total control of human being
Commentary: On contemporary terms, the Chinese people are enslaved to a handful of demon families in CCP. Miles Guo shows you how the CCP is achieving that by manipulating its 1.4 billion people. Every single scheme/policy is designed to ensure their dictatorship. And now they are exporting that package around the world. You are no longer an outsider, you shall stand up and fight for yourself before it is too late.

9.2 Chinese Communist Party News Outlets Are Fawning Over The ‘NeverTrump’ Lincoln Project
Commentary: the CCP is well versed with psychological warfare drawn from their vast experience throughout its 100-year-old notorious history, training ground including Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Square nothing short of mental tortures over people. What the CCP must understand is that the takedown of CCP is a bipartisan and bicameral plan which will be executed no matter who is going to be elected.

10.    IP Theft , Espionage and Cyber Security Front

10.1 Two Chinese Hackers Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including COVID-19 Research
Commentary: The CCP has been investing money in hacking techniques and training these hackers so that they can steal. Removing common shared values from its people so that they can misbehave without feeling guilty. This is CCP’s “leapfrogging” philosophy and the foundation for “Made in China 2025”.

10.2 Australia hits out at Chinese hackers, as Pompeo urges global coalition against China
Commentary: Australia is no doubt an integral part of the coalition that Secretary Pompeo is putting together against the CCP. Given its trade and geopolitical positioning with China, it is commendable for Australia, a country with 25 million population, to articulate CCP’s “disgraceful” conducts such as targeting COVID-19 research, political dissidents, religious minorities and human rights advocates.

10.3 China pledges to retaliate after U.S. orders closure of its consulate in Houston
Commentary: The CCP consulates are hubs of espionage, drug trafficking, IP thefts, possible fake dollar notes, influencing operation on domestic politics and etc. People need to understand closing the CCP consulate is to expose the evidences of CCP’s malicious behaviour in destroying the US. People working at the consulate are facing serious consequence if deported back to China. The CCP will silence them and possibly vanish them because they know too much. What will they do? Turn in and provide the evidences so that they will be safe and free for good.

10.4 China tells US to close Chengdu consulate in growing spat
CCP took the revenge and closed US Consulate in Chengdu undoubtedly escalated the tension. There is no burning of paper after CCP’s notice is out as there is nothing to hide. The US consultant in Chengdu is in nearly shut down state since the outbreak of the pandemic. However the CCP has turned the Chengdu Consulate closure process on the live show through its State News Channel CGTV and set the scene of fire brigade surrounding the consulate. The CCP is again making the show and fooling the people.

10.5 Stanford Researcher Accused of Being Active Member of Chinese Military
Chinese consulate in San Francisco is harboring a military-linked researcher wanted for visa fraud, FBI says
Commentary: This is only two of the many such operations that have been facilitated by the CCP consulates in the US. Just look at what they study: biology, virology, neurology, the commonality across which is that they are all essential knowledge in designing and creating biological weapons. Sounds scary? Think about COVID-19.

10.6 Singapore Consultant pleads guilty to working as Chinese agent
Commentary: Another spy story exposed to obtain valuable non-public information from the US by the CCP. This case again highlights how the CCP’ intelligence service is operating in the backyard of the western countries.

11.    CCP’s Crimes against humanity

11.1 Organ Harvesting in China
Commentary: Members in the Uyghur Muslin minority were taken by the CPP in the mid night, forced into labor camp, sterilised and having their organ harvested. Uyghur women were forced to have their hair shaved for China’s hugely increased wig supply in global market. The CCP is getting away with this criminal human rights abuse because of the failure of the West and global institution to confront them. Glad to see a few CCP officials involvement in human rights abuses official got sanctioned by US recently which we covered in last week’s briefing however this is far from the justice.

11.2 UK accuses China of ‘gross’ human rights abuses against Uighurs
Commentary: CCP’s egregious practice in Xinjiang is deeply troubling. If it can do this to its own people it can extend this operation and brutal ruling to anyone in this world. Stop turning a blind eye, we all need to be a force multiplier because it is the mission of our time to take down the CCP.

11.3 Progressives can’t leave criticism of China to the new cold warriors
Commentary: Razor wire and watchtowers, the key features of any prison. Discovering the “camp” only scratches the surface of CCP’s evil plan. Just wait to see its entire human control program involving key roles played by Beijing Genomics Institute, which recently appears on the US sanction list over CCP’s treatment of Uighurs. The shocking puzzle is being put together by the world.

12.    Assembly of the US “WAR Council”

12.1 President, Donald Trump

12.2 Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

12.3 National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien

12.4 Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

12.5 Department of Justice, William Barr

12.6 Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro

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Thank you for the very comprehensive summary.

9 months ago

Justice will eventually defeat evil!

9 months ago

CCP lied seventy years.
CCP cheat peoples.
CCP spawn virus.
CCP output evil things.
CCP is conflict with human civilization.
Take down CCP, save our life time.



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