The catastrophe of CCP virus

Arthur: Tujia tribe and translated by GM70

Since the CCP controls the media, the real situation is always the needs of the Party. Under the stability maintenance system where stability is overwhelming, covering up the truth becomes an inevitable choice. The public can only learn a little truth from each other through limited self-media. When you want to learn more about the truth, you become the object of “stability maintenance.”

From the lockdown of Wuhan on January 23 to the outbreak of “Dalian” in July, how many cities in China have concealed the truth? However, in the CCP, news reports have completely lost morality and conscience. All they see are the leadership’s decision-making power and control measures, as well as individual heroic behaviors, but the painful groans of the people at the bottom are not seen. Death is always a cold number…

There is no respect for life, no compassion for suffering. Use the spiritual opium of suffering to rejuvenate the nation, to fool the suffering people again and again.

While the CCP virus spreads around the globe and caused a humanitarian disaster, the Party claims that the epidemic is under control. Since then, the government media has no major reports of the new coronavirus epidemic. On the contrary, it has spread the epidemic abroad, updating foreign reports daily. In this way, the subconsciousness of the people inside China is implanted with such a concept that only the CCP can control the new coronavirus; and only the CCP system can be the fastest to mobilize all resources to fight the epidemic. A sense of superiority is naturally produced, and the purpose of maintaining spiritual stability is achieved.

This time the Dalian Municipal Government’s press conference on the epidemic has torn off the fig leaf that the CCP claims that the epidemic is preventable and controllable.

Judging from the scale of the nucleic acid tests announced this time for 190,000 people, the spread of the virus is in danger of getting out of control. However, judging from the fact that the Chinese Communist Party media has always lied, the epidemic in Dalian may have become out of control.

Here we can only pray for the people of Dalian to survive this catastrophe safely.

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