Global Takedown-the-CCP & Fate of “Chinatowns”

In his G-TV livecast on 7/19/2020, Mr. Guo touched on that by now nobody dares to “try to put a stop on this Takedown-the-CCP”, as “that person will become the enemy of America”!

World-wide, authorities have begun investigating into those prominent tycoons (red-hat merchants) who are propped-up by the CCP such as the likes of Jack Ma. The US has stepped up on investigations of all the CCP members or their errand boys overseas (such actions actually started 3 years ago per Mr.  Guo). As a result, the communities of high Chinese density (including Chinatowns), being highly CCP-infested, are targeted in particular. Areas of NY/NJ, DC, Boston, LA, and San Francisco are on the top of the list.

In the same spirit, Europe has already started legislative debates on how to close down “Chinatowns”, as they are deemed as espionage strongholds for the CCP. Inspired by the US’s eye-popping resolve and a series of trailblazing actions, the NATO has been spurred into the pledge that it will stand with the US 100% in fighting this Takedown-the-CCP war.

Three different camps have been formed in the U.S. now.

*The first is the camp of absolute Takedown-the-CCP, represented by Sec. Pompeo, Mr. Navarro, Mr. Bannon, Sen. Cotton, Mr. Pottinger and Mr. Miles Yu, etc.

*The second camp is composed of hard-core Pro-Communists, who are incurably stubborn – highly likely the result of being trapped by the CCP’s BGY Plan (extortion by info/money/sex).

*The third one is called the camp of ignorance. But even this camp will inevitably transform itself into a staunch destroyer of the CCP too.

The WM BIAs (Whistleblower Movement’s brothers-in-arms) and the world soon will be witnessing the collapsing and melting of the evil CCP empire.

Translator:【RD16】 Proofreader:【GM31】 Subtitle:【V%】

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"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." [John 3:20] Jul. 25