Huawei, Baidu, and Tencent make Guangdong province a police-state.

Dongguan, China — November 19, 2019, Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference on the updates of “the Smart New Police Program” in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The city will use 3 years (2018-2020) to build a “tech-moat” which is all area perceiving, data-driven, highly AI and mobile collaborating. Till the end of October 2019, more than 99 thousand 1-tier and 2-tier monitors have been installed. 

During the press conference, the Chief Science-Tech Information Engineer and CCP Committee member of the Municipal PSB Mo Jiedong said, the God’s Eye Program had been deployed to the entire city, with monitors in the air and checkpoints on the roads. Information including real-time population, buildings, units, and facilities was collected by the system and shared among different government departments. 

According to an open report by People’s Daily(CCP’s mouthpiece), the Smart New Police Program is a strategy jointly developed by the 1+1+N program, Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau(1), Huawei(1), and social media companies(N) leading by Baidu and Tencent in April 2018, collecting public information and using big data for government management. 

What’s is more disturbing?

According to CCP-Exterminator Miles Guo, every room of Chinese five-star hotel is bugged with surveillance cameras, the targets are western travelers who come to China, especially those who cooperate (or forced to cooperate) with the Chinese Communist Party.

Author: GM65
Editor: GM09

Sources: Tencent, People’s Daily, and Sina.

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