Miles Guo Disclosed Confidential Text Messages Related to HNA CEO’s Mysterious Death

One year ago, Wang Jian former HNA’s CEO, died in his vacation at Provence, southern France. The cause of his death remains suspicious to Mr. Guo Wengui, even though the media reported Wang fell to his death when he attempted to take a selfie on the top of the wall. Mr. Guo claimed that Wang’s mystery death was NO accident.

In the past year, Guo has sent the investigation team to France multiple times to break the case himself. He has mentioned his intentions for the investigation in live broadcasts. He believes unraveling Wang’s death can lead to the take-down of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, who is his number one enemy among the CCP kleptocrats Mr. Guo Wengui pledged to eliminate in his expose revolution.

Last Wednesday was marked as the one year anniversary of Wang’s death. On that day Mr. Guo told audiences in his live broadcast that Wang Jian’s $1.5 billion money has ended up in Wang Qishan’s daughter’s UBS account since his mysterious demise at Provence.

Mr. Guo proved that Wang Jian is the U.S permanent resident, the green cardholder. Wang’s other identity is being one of the most senior spies of the Ministry of State Security of China.

He also revealed the critical image evidences on those who are very likely the murderers of Wang Jian. These suspects include Wang’s bodyguards, his interpreter, tourist guide as well as his close friend in France, who helped arrange Wang’s vacation.

Guo has disclosed the significant findings of the investigating: the case of HNA Chairman Wang Jian showed the shocking corruption and fraud in both diplomatic and judicial institutions of China and France.

Some of the explosive text messages (shown below) are believed to relate to the death of Wang Jian, that Guo obtained in the investigation, have also been presented in the live broadcast.

Don’t forget picking up things later in Wang’s room. Don’t let “T” reach his destination today, Hua will keep an eye on the surroundings at the foot of the hill.

The morgue place has been arranged for tomorrow. Don’t go there. Don’t contact your family after tomorrow. Please give me the contents of that safe. You must follow Beijing’s plan. You will be the hero of our country. The house “157” in New York house will be yours.

Arrangements have been made for bosses from both Beijing and Lyon, and Wang Jian has learned that he will meet the people send by Big Boss Wang at the church.The local police and others who will arrive at the scene have been arranged, so don’t be nervous. After the plan is completed, you must accompany Huang, and do not go home. Pei will arrange the rest for you. Hua has already arranged everything for Tomorrow. Please follow the plan and do not ruin it. After completing the task, hand your mobile phone to me immediately. Give me a color copy of Wang Jian’s green card later, remember to have Wang Jian sign the documents.

Hello secretary Sun! Sorry to bother you! Today, the HNA headquarter failed to pay the 150 million Chinese RMB loans. We have to make the overdue announcements in accordance with regulations. Our clients have lawyers. They strongly demand that we should go through the legal procedures. We have applied to the court for pre-litigation preservation. Some clients threatened to expose it to the media, and we also worry about the reputation of HNA. Previously, HNA has proposed a debt restructure plan. Although we were not satisfied with that plan, we reluctantly agreed by considering that we had to work through the difficulties together. Therefore we have quickly gone through the approval process internally and are waiting for a reply from HNA. It is up to you to protect HNA’s reputation. We can only help as much as possible. If HNA can’t repay sooner, we can’t help it. Would you please report to Chairman Wang? Thank you!

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