Cute PolyU students once again show that only tyranny and no mob

Some photos show how lovely these young PolyU students are. They love the campus more than the president and chancellor of the university do.

First pic:

Sorry! Because of the sudden intrusion of STS, I fled into your room without permission. I express my sincerest apology. I hope you could understand and thank you for your consideration. Sorry ☹️

Second Pic: Note from chefs to their successor.

  1. Please prepare simple food with a large quantity available first.
  2. Please follow our meals-preparing workflow
  3. Don’t leave a mess after cooking. Tidy up before you go!
  4. Turn off the stove after cooking.
  5. Although there is a large variety of ingredients, remember suitable allocation of job can enhance job efficiency. There is no need to prepare a large variety of food for each meal.

Third Pic: Rules of using the washroom

  1. Flush the toilet after use.
  2. Help mop the floor if there are towels at the door
  3. Do not splash the water droplets everywhere when washing your hands
  4. Take all your belongings before you leave
  5. Remember to wear your mask

And end with ’Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times!’ ’Hongkongers, Avenge!’

Fourth Pic: Guides for getting resources and reaching different rooms are written on the board. Also, the planning of resetting roadblocks around the campus can also be seen.

And many others, including No Damage; Keep Clean.

These lovely young students are still trapped inside PolyU.



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Nov. 26, 2019