US consulate in Chengdu: street closure, police presence & firecrackers

After the United States requested that the Chinese Consulate in Houston be closed within 72 hours, the Chinese government announced the closure of the US Consulate General in Chengdu on July 24. Roadblocks and large police presence were seen on the streets leading to the US consulate.

The atmosphere was extremely eerie. Residents on the same street said: “It was normal yesterday. Suddenly at about 7 o’clock this morning, a lot of police came to stop people and vehicles from approaching the consulate.”

After the official announcement, the area surrounding the American consulate in Chengdu was filled with tension. People, not vehicles were allowed to enter and exit the street. In addition to police in uniforms, plainclothes were spotted in convenience stores to observe the surroundings.

After the CCP announced the closure of the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, many mainland netizens rushed to the consulate’s official website to leave messages: “I just come and see, maybe you are leaving.”; “Strongly demand the closure of the U.S. embassy in Chengdu within 72 hours!”

When a curious Chinese was photographing the consulate, he was suddenly surrounded and stopped by three or four plainclothes. He was later “persuaded” to leave the scene.

firecrackers were seen in front of the US consulate at Chengdu.
The person who lit firecrackers in front-end of the US Consulate in Chengdu was taken away by the police. “Administrative warning” was issued to him as seen in a police announcement.

There are office buildings and residential communities near the US Consulate, which made some residents uneasy. “20 years ago, after the bomb of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, many students came to the U.S. consulate in Chengdu to protest. At that time, the surrounding roads were not blocked like today. Starting around seven o’clock this morning, a lot of police started to block people and vehicles from approaching the consulate.”, said a local resident.

Currently, there are five US consulates in mainland China, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Wuhan. There is also a Hong Kong and Macau consulate in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Among them, the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu was established in 1985, covering Southwest China, including Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet Autonomous Region and Chongqing with strategic importance. The closure of the Chengdu Consulate is expected to intensify the tension between China and the United States.

Consul General Jim Mullinax

As a way of mourning the good old days, Chinese netizens are sharing a video of Consul General Jim Mullinax singing a Chinese song about Chengdu.

Consul General Jim Mullinax, who speaks fluent Chinese, is quite popular in Chengdu. His assignment between August 2017 and July 21, 2020, was extended to the dismay of this wife and two kids, who left China in February due to the CCP virus. Separated by the pandemic, his family is anxiously waiting for a reunion in Taiwan.

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9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun ! The armor is still there !