[CHINA]Petition Affecting Children’s College Entrance, Army Enrolment, and Public Servant Careers

With the development of the social credit system and personal credit system in China, the internet has become another record in addition to those kept in different cities and towns, and any offense records or criminal records will be distributed to each city’s credit system and personal credit system. Now there is a new rule that for people that have committed crimes of illegal petition, not only will it influence their future careers and social activities, but also will affect their children and other immediate family in terms of college entrance, army enrollment, joining the communist party, exam enrollment for public servants and future careers in state-owned enterprise.

These illegal crimes include the following types of petition: leapfrog Petition, extreme Petition, continuous petition, chaotic petition, deliberate provocation due to illegal gathering, illegal demonstration, disrupting official duties, gathering people to disturb social order, extortion, accusation, deliberately damaging property, endangering public safety, gathering people to disturb public places and traffic, etc. These crime records will affect their children and other immediate family’s life in all aspects.

In the recruiting exam for public servants in China, the organization will conduct a thorough political background review. If the candidate enrolls in an exam to become a public security agent and the candidate’s parents’ brother is in prison, the candidate would not pass the review.


Due to these direct influences, when some social issues like food safety, forcible demolition of land and houses, and financial fraud arise, relevant government departments will first speak with the families that have members working as public servants and request them to keep silent and compromise. In a similar way, government departments can also threaten other families by emphasizing the consequences to their family members to force them to withdraw their petition. The petition process will often end before it has made any progress.

Author:ZJGTG & Yuma

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