Clear choice of Hong Kong people

Today Hongkongers are exercising their very limited right to vote for their local district councils.

Andrew Chiu is a pro-democracy candidate running for re-election. He lost his left ear after a rabid Beijing loyalist bit it off several days before. Avi YAMINI interviewed him on November 24.

When asked if you support the five demands, he replied, ”of course,” and said now the Carrie Lam and her government is not responsible to the Hong Kong people, but they only support the CCP and Beijing authorities.

When the journalist tried to interview another pro-Beijing candidate Kacee Ting, who was recently filmed intimidating pro-democracy citizens, Ting replied that he couldn’t say anything because of his party order.

Even though elected council members hold minimal power, the Hong Kong voting rate is at a historic high. Pro-democracy protesters see this election as a referendum, demonstrating the will of Hong Kong.

And it’s a clear choice of Hong Kong people.


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6 months ago

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Nov. 24, 2019