People’s Daily Tweeted About Polytechnic University Protestors Being Drug Abusers

November 21, the official tweeter account of People’s Daily (CCP’s top mouthpiece) posted on PolyU “rioters”:

“Rioters suffering from hypothermia? It’s a drug addiction episode! After more than a week, there are very few lefts of the rioters and those illegally occupying the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A few days ago, reports came of rioters inside the university suffering from hypothermia, convulsions, drooling, runny nose… it is no hypothermia! It is completely an episode of drug addiction! In fact, since the “amendment storm” began, the rioters have been exposed more than once that they are involved in drugs…”

This open lie is an insult to freedom-seeking youth, and an offense to all peace-loving people. People around the world have seen how protestors at Polytechnic University suffered the brutality from the police and yet still insisted on the Five Demands and the freedom of Hong Kong. We stand with Hong Kong.

Author: GM65
Editor: GM09

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