Volunteer went to the street with testament in pocket

On October 1, 2019, a voluntary first aider has his blood type written on his helmet before he went to standby at the “No National Day, Only National Mourning” Protest. His helmet also reads “Do NOT resuscitate if severely wounded and unresponsive. Handwritten will in pocket.”

The following is a related poem translated

Oh my Dear
My will is in my gear
If I shall fall
The helmet says it all
I have no allergy
I just detest tyranny

Oh my Dear
My will is in my gear
If my heart is pierced
If my teeth are scattered
Please do not resuscitate me
For I shall return to thy

Oh my dear
My will is in my gear
If you read my story
It is full of apology
I am not a good teenager
And neither a good lover
I am sorry I let you suffer.

Tell dad to exercise regularly
Tell mom to drink less brandy
I left Grandma’s present under the bed
Could you retrieve it when I am dead?

Would you forgive me, understand me,
For the sake of my glory?

We have no chips in our disposal
Only a frail body to stumble
If odd numbers symbolise submission
If even numbers equals corruption
I would rather return to ground zero
And return to a life,
Where my throat does not face a muzzle

Oh my dear
My will is in my gear
Those who can’t retreat
Face tomorrow without guarantee
But I can proudly declare,
though the fear is clear,
The ferocious tiger I will brace
With a warrior’s grace

My dearest City
The glory is yours finally
My will is in my pocket
For if I can continue to enternity,
And live an afterlife in your community,
Let me catch another glimpse of your beauty.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3E-78RHqAr/?igshid=1xkr41u1


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Nov. 24, 2019