A Journalist Walked on the Edge of CCP’s Censorious Knife

It is shameful that CCP is known as the world’s leading worst jailer of journalists according to the Committee to Protect Journalists in 2019. CCP has established rigid political and social control over the people through the use of propaganda campaign and intimidation on mass media. Who dare to cautiously walk on the edge of the CCP’s censorious knife every day?

Behind the CCP’s iron curtain, the conscientious media journalists have painfully struggled to help general public to separate truths from lies. A whistleblower, Wang Xiaoqi, was arrested a few days after posting an article on CCP state media Weibo on July 10th. His article’s title, “The media dare not speak about the six major crimes of Mengniu and Yili, so let me speak up.” After Wang’s high-profile arrest video was uploaded and surfaced on social media, it was widely spreading like wildfire over the internet. 

Wang wanted to seek the truth and help the general public understand the poor quality of domestic milk produced by China’s two largest dairy companies Mengniu and Yili. He warned about the corrupted relationships between crooked food industries and the bureaucracies in China. If the truth of tainted milk crisis was revealed earlier, the general public might have avoided from being poisoned by various industrial chemical contamination including a toxic chemical, melamine, in raw milk. The China Dairy Association not only ignored the significant danger of contaminated milk, but also deliberately silenced the media by all means.

In wake of the scandal of food product, the whistleblower had come forward in a quest for justice had been arrested and detained as a result. On the one hand, it is an institutional collusion of the food industry’s negligence and failure of both quality and safety management. On the other hand, the CCP increasingly regulate press scrutiny and media security enforcement for the sake of country’s image crisis in connection with all kinds of uncensored news. 

Usually the CCP’s bureaucratic journalists, who stick precisely to the pre-censored script, plays vital roles in distortion of the truth by using the ideology of authoritarianism as their own story telling shield. Meanwhile, the CCP continues to intimidate and pressure journalists who dare to publish uncensored news or raise their voices for injustice. Since the CCP has instituted tighter controls on social media platforms, the basic human rights of free expression of a will are paralyzed under the repression of Great Firewall of China. The trends in freedom of press call for changes in such totalitarian media climate in China have reached to a dead end unfortunately.

Who can safeguard the last freedom of press in dark swamp under the CCP’s tyrannical media censorship? 



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9 months ago

CCP lied,CCP virus,American is start died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !