Trapped Protestor: I would rather risk being shot while escaping than getting sentenced for ten years

Hong Kong – It was around 2 am and Jacky was still sitting in the PolyU canteen. His face was pale and has dark circles under his eyes. He was staring closely at the TV screen that was broadcasting news. In the past few days, he barely slept and he said,

(I) couldn’t sleep as I could not relax mentally. Although I do not think that the police will rush into the campus and arrest us, I am still worried.

Jacky has been trapped in the campus for 4 days. He claimed that he was a peaceful protestor and he came to PolyU four days ago in solidarity with the students in the campus. Unfortunately, the police surrounded the campus and blockaded the exits unexpectedly, which trapped him the rest in the campus till now. Jacky wished he could leave, but there was no other way besides surrendering to the police.

Source: InMediaHK Article:


Source:【GM02】 Editor:【GM31】

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