The Farm: On the Advent of Fake News Fund by CCP.

Now more than at any other point in human history has it been so necessary to deeply critique our sources of news and information. We need to apply facts, logic, critical thinking and deductive logic to coverage of critical world events being broadcast on our mainstream news sources. Twitter, Periscope, and many other platforms for the world to see cast a starkly different picture of the events transpiring in Hong Kong over the last several months. If you view the World News section of any of the countless major news media outlets, they would have you believe that the protests are coming to a close with the surrender of students to “police officers.” As we have extensively outlined, these are not merely “police officers” — but true soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army using military tactics and advanced weaponry and technology to subdue students at all costs. We have witnessed history, just like the world did in the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. This event is often referred to as “89 64” among friends — and the CCP would like to erase all reference to this tragic event.

Hong Kong is the Berlin of 2019. The regime is not Russia, but it is still ‘Communist’ in namesake.

We know about the destruction of Tibet, we know about the destruction and plundering of Xinjiang, we now know about the destruction and plundering of the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an otherwise modernized and peaceful western city-state that has been placed under duress and is reacting accordingly to the threat. Much as if Manhattan or London were under direct threat from hostile foreign invaders, the people that live there are fighting to sustain their very way of life. They know what the CCP will do to them if they are subdued and their country is militarized.

Unfortunately, their leadership shares more in common with your typical organized crime syndicate than the people it “governs.” This is how the CCP truly feels about western civilization — and it will not stop until we, or they, are gone. This oppression and exportation of tyrannical systems of oppression and ideas will continue to spread here if it is not countered effectively. Fortunately, major elements of both the population of this country and our government have stepped in to counter this existential threat to human civilization unbeknownst to most of the country. When the chips finally fall, history will tell a story of corruption and delusion of such grand scale that it will terrify generations of American youth about the horrors of Communist rule of China and how we almost lost a war most were never aware was occurring right under our noses. Many of our friends and families have unknowingly been casualties of this ideological struggle.


This is the nature of the new “Domino Theory” over the last 2 decades that we posit represents the rapid fall of Western civilization to the allure of the CCPs money — which in turn was stolen from both the people of China, the people of the United States, and the people of the world. This represents the fundamental irony of Communist rule, and no more needs to be explained. The amount of money consolidated in so few hands represents the culmination of events of the most recent long-con against mankind and civilization.

Many of these things, particularly the mass-media coverage of the Hong Kong protests is unjustifiable in many ways. Hunter Biden is personally being enriched by the mass surveillance and detention of Uighur’s through his co-investment into companies that work on advanced AI facial recognition technologies like Face++. This is the living embodiment of “becoming entangled in foreign affairs” a threat we were significantly warned about during the founding of the country.

We must hope that Hunter Biden is never allowed to enrich himself by the mass surveillance of American citizens in the same way that he has enriched himself at the expense of so many others around the world. China will export this totalitarian system to the rest of the planet if it is permitted. Think about how close we were to having 5G with complete censorship of the internet? Angela Merkel is SALIVATING at the thought of installing Huawei base stations everywhere to sell out her people.

This travesty is incalculable in its cost to humanity and is the “design flaw” in the globalist and liberal way of thinking about the world. Communist China is not like us, and it never intended on being like us, but the truth is that we don’t have to put up with it anymore and we are capable of fighting back if we are unified in that approach. The people that enriched and enslaved that country are probably going to be called to task for all this before it’s over. We know they’re named in Epstein’s Black Book and in other evidence, the feds are collecting, which we believe will soon come out.

To bring the story back to Hong Kong, we have all seen what happens when you try to stand up to the CCP when you are on “their territory.” Their solution to the internal political conflict is, without fail, to send the PLA to escalate your demise and ultimately destroy your way of life. These are nothing more than tributary or vassal states that kneel to the thuggish “rule” of the CCP. The brave youth of Hong Kong is nothing short of martyrs for freedom — heralding for the West the very prescient threat this ruthless regime poses to the rest of the world.

The PLA, acting under orders given from the Communist Party of China, is demonstrating that it can take and strategically hold entire cities where the population wishes to fight door to door. We may now see a protracted guerrilla campaign by these brave freedom fighters in a struggle to defend their city. These facts are now unable to be kept out of the news, and thus, the scale of the horrors committed by the CCP has finally arrived on our doorstep. We are left with no choice but to collectively arm ourselves with information, in spite of their attempts at suppression. We must express that this fight is truly just beginning and that the threat posed by the CCP’s influence and intoxication of darkness may hold out for generations of our youth. We cannot fail in the correction of historical revisionism by the CCP both at home and abroad. What alternative style of government allows us to live the lives we do as free individuals? Certainly not. Communism.

Yet another reason we must be aware of world events is that it is our duty as Americans to be informed on issues and quickly become aware of the grim reality that much of the rest of the developing world lives. They survive conditions of unimaginable poverty due in large part to corruption and oppression and a lack of free-market economies due to the centralized control of power by government.

It is our belief that the United States should always be a symbol and beacon of hope to people around the world that long for freedom from tyrannical governments, and we believe that we can contribute something special and meaningful in order to continue in the tradition of that great experiment. Rule by coercion is tyrannical in nature, and when the full scale of the atrocities of the CCP comes to light, we are sure history will judge them accordingly rather than simply defaulting to the typical byline we have been given: “of course Communist China is a threat.”

Acknowledgment of the threat is no longer a suitable counter-response to the threat for those of us in America who believe in equal treatment under true “Rule of Law” and we should easily be able to unify against a common enemy with vast reach into our private thoughts and lives. Imagine if the United States Government were to sign an extradition treaty with the CCP?

Under a Bloomberg presidency, that looks like it would become nearly inevitable in just a few years. The proposal of this extradition law in Hong Kong was enough to set alight the streets with Molotov cocktails and the blood of patriots sacrificing themselves so that the world would have to hear their story over the corruption of the media. We should heed this as the warning it is and understand fully and completely the steps our government has taken to neutralize this threat through the use of tariffs and economic sabotage of the CCP’s centralized control over their economy. We hope that the legitimate economy of the United States and the defensive posturing that generations of our military have helped to ensure is sufficient to protect our civilization.

The dead students of Hong Kong represent martyr’s replenishing the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots — and we hope we are able to motivate all of our friends and families to grasp the reality and depth of the illusion our mainstream media has maintained for us for many years.

We are indeed asking for everyone to re-evaluate their views on the very foundational concept of ‘globalization’ without peaceful representative democracy at the helm — and look to see what kind of injustices have been perpetrated by these thoughts over the last several decades. Who is responsible for driving these ideas as a fundamental necessity?

The crimes that these very same individuals are being implicated in and have helped to aid and abet over many years should give our readers pause. Many sex trafficking rings of tremendous scale in places like New York City have recently been broken up — and yet again we are finding expansive instances of media suppression at every turn. For years these news organizations worked to cover these allegations and stories up. Senior executives at NBC, ABC, Disney, and many others are all likely implicated in these trafficking rings.

We have reason to believe that these same individuals are responsible for perpetrating crimes in many foreign countries as well. Some simply hold a flawed view of the world, founded in the ideology that has been corrupted by media influence. Hopefully, historians will simply refer to this as “the decade when the United States accidentally (?) legalized propaganda and allowed the Chinese to purchase its media assets and send spies over for espionage.” Further below I present a legal basis for this corruption (in the form of a bill passed in 2013) as well as the motivation on the part of the CCP to conduct this “information warfare” operation.

We wonder about who consumed the expensive organs of political dissidents and the religious under Communist China and, given the scale of the crimes, weep at the thought that we have been sold out by our leaders in favor of an obvious lie (organ harvest elaborated in book ‘Stealth War‘). That lie is that the people in Communist China are constituents and that they willingly support the Communist Party. This fact is wrong. The people of China are coerced from birth to operate in a system designed to control and enslave every thought and motion to comply with “Party Principles”.

This is evidenced nowhere more clearly than in the new “social credit system” that denies citizens basic travel freedoms (like airfare) depending on their support for these “Party Principles” and their social commitments to the party. Compelled speech, compelled belief, and compelled action are at the very core of a coercive government. Indeed, this is not the way the world works. Our rich should have never felt empowered to take advantage of civilization in this way. The American electorate has judged this to be the case in spite of fierce opposition from the “Deep State.”


It is no secret to many readers that the unrest around the world is not being accurately covered by foreign correspondents doing actual journalism and reporting on events in truthful ways. It has become 1984 here, and everything we have been shown has turned out to be a lie. Many of us are completely fed up with the lack of reality being broadcast on TV and in the written news sections of the likes of CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes, and many others. These were once mainstays of American journalistic integrity — with offices and teams around the world dedicated wholly and honestly to journalistic integrity and reporting on important news. We would like the reader to consider what type of news they believe is shown in Communist China about the United States? The answer might surprise even those of us who know that Communist China runs a 24×7 propaganda operation against its own people. The truth is, this same propaganda campaign is being run against both of our people on a daily basis. The problem is, the CCP is running out of money and time faster than even they are capable of impeaching a sitting President. Yes — the source of the impeachment news is also Communist China. History will prove this point to be true. We, the vast and powerful American public, will be the victors that write it.

people daily
CCP’s mouthpiece on Twitter while Twitter is banned in Communism China.

As a financial prediction, I believe that history will show that countries like Iran stopped receiving foreign aid from Communist China as it ran out of money to fund its overseas affairs over the last several months. Protests in Iran and other cities around the world friendly to the Communist regime are breaking out because government subsidies are hard to come by when your economy has been completely obliterated by tariffs and sustained trade war on your most valuable and growing industries. Even the Yellow Vest protestors are back out in France as of a few days ago.

CNN isn’t better…

Although there are many reasons for these protests — we believe they are fundamentally tied together by one unifying factor. That factor is the unified weight of the American government and economy bearing down on the totalitarian control the CCP has over its people. I suppose when the police in these countries are unable to use their currency — only then will they break rank and join with their allies in the protest movements in the true spirit of emancipation.

We in America have taken our freedoms and liberty for granted for too long — criticizing our government with little regard for how the governments of the rest of the world treat their governed in comparison. Relative to the rest of the world, we still have an opportunity to change our laws to be less oppressive and less tyrannical in nature. We should seek to counter threats to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and when faced with foreign threats on these core values, we are left with only the choice to unify.

We believe now that these important institutions, protected by codified federal law at the heart of our Bill of Rights, have been nearly fully co-opted for various nefarious reasons by even more nefarious people. This has been a sustained campaign of brainwashing and propaganda that has negatively impacted our country in many ways — and has served only to divide us. We believe that this delusion has permeated into the very fabric of society and must be countered for the safety of our future. CNN’s coverage of the Hong Kong protests is nothing short of a war crime in and of itself. It is leading our people away from the truth — instead of towards it. They are still watching impeachment proceedings. The truth is that the CCP — currently laying siege to Hong Kong — is actively laying siege on our country in the spirit of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. It uses the information to divide us, rather than bring us together.

Whether this strategic campaign of destruction for our very way of life was perpetrated by members of our society that long-held misunderstandings about how the real world operates are irrelevant, but as we will explain, it has transpired nonetheless. The war entered America’s soil decades ago, and it is only with the recent ousting of similarly deluded men like James Clapper and John Brennan that we feel our government has been enabled to fight back appropriately to this threat. It appears that federal, state, and local officials are finally getting on the same page about the threats we face. Europe on the other hand — which is already on its way to developing a state-sanctioned CCP denominated prison state for its people — has been lost to the delusional thought that the CCP is a “democracy with constituents” as our leaders have insisted for decades. The evidence for this is in the reluctance of European nations to ban 5G technology from entering their countries as we have previously detailed. This is also evidenced by the prison-states of Hong Kong and Xinjiang and is delusional in its very nature. This same media decided to cover it for a day with the “leak” by the NYT of the Xinjiang Papers. This same media has been complicit in blackouts against major scandals, like Epstein and Prince Andrew — who they now continue to pump front and center because it is a ‘neutral’ issue and members of the public are undivided on its implications.

Where is the fair coverage of the atrocities being committed by the PLA in Hong Kong? How many died? Where was the coverage in 2009 in Urumqi when these same soldiers plundered that city? How many died there? We cannot rely on CCP state media to tell us the truth. The CCP has been on a campaign of death for 70+ years, both in its own country and abroad. Its influence has been peddled by lobbyists and dark money and was perpetuated to the point where we must be apolitical about our differences to unify and combat the very real threat this regime and poses. We must now bind together and stop ignoring one another in the interests of self-preservation and justice for the people of Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong — lest we are next. The influence of the CCP is undeniable and calls into question the very framework that these media institutions use for reporting on the news and informing the national discourse. The fact that the President of the United States has simply taken to Twitter to air these grievances for years — only to be ignored — speaks volumes about the state of the countries ability to withstand foreign influence in the media. There are now plenty of individuals that are seeking real and true information on what is going on in Hong Kong outside of the mainstream news organizations and they must be welcomed into this new reality with open arms. We should accept our neighbors but let them know the truth in peaceful ways — and accept that a campaign of mass brainwashing has been implemented in coordination against our countries’ shared values.

We now have direct and extensive evidence that shows that many of our most common media platforms have been corrupted by foreign influence and censorship in extreme and dramatic ways. This has in fact led to the ultimate shaping of our national discourse in countless ways that it will take many decades to recover from. We must all renew our vow to the Constitution of the United States of America now, and hold faith that we will return from this ruin and devastation stronger than ever before. The majority of the rest of the world has not developed as we have — and in fact, our largest trading partner lives under a leadership plucked straight out of a dystopian nightmare — complete with forced organ harvesting of political dissidents, a campaign of death and ruin around the world through partnerships with drug cartels, and a surveillance apparatus paralleled only by our own. Who was responsible for the construction of these mass apparatuses of oppression? Why were they established in our own country? Were they really protecting us from foreign enemies? How much were they used to oppress our own civilian population under such deluded leadership? Who started the fake impeachment inquiry and why? How many people in government are under the delusion that the CCP is merely “a threat” and not “the threat?”

Members of the intelligence agencies and mainstream media are members of the very same ‘swamp’ and ‘delusion’ that enabled the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and many others to continue operating for DECADES, while turning a blind eye to their crimes and injustices on a MASSIVE and unforgivable scale taking place in our country and abroad, with their assistance.

Fortunately, there is much we can do to combat this foreign influence. Recall — ‘Freedom of the Press’ is a fundamental guarantee on our Bill of Rights, just like ‘Freedom of Speech’ is. In 2013, a bill was passed that allowed for the United States government to broadcast content that it creates directly to the American public — and we have reason to believe that this, and other bills like it, were passed specifically to allow for the introduction of ‘hostile foreign governments’ to begin the slow and subtle destruction of reliable news sources. This is why it is nearly impossible to find truthful information on anything from Google and other search engines — they have been hacked in the greatest con known to mankind. Even Microsoft censors images of the camps in Xinjiang because Microsoft has been deeply infiltrated by the CCP. There are 50,000+ employees of Microsoft in mainland China.

Here is a relevant excerpt:

“The letter, co-signed by 100 tech workers, says that the workers of Microsoft and GitHub “stand in solidarity with tech workers in China.” It also warned that Chinese internet firms are already attempting to censor the protest.

“Since going viral, Chinese domestic browsers, such as those by Tencent and Alibaba, have restricted access to the repository on their web browsers, warning users that the repository contains illegal or malicious content.” Spokespersons for Tencent and Alibaba were not immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.”

There is yet another hostile group with far more influence and sway over our media. The Chinese Communist Party directly influences and funds many news organizations in this country. This is commonly known in our intelligence circles, and yet there was no policy to dismantle or curb the influence of this ownership until this presidency. This explains the constant attacks on the “failing NYT” and “failing CNN.” This is not merely conjecture — Trump has been actively fighting a war against this very same media apparatus that created the toxicity that allowed for Never Trumpers to exist in the first place. We know this because members of our own families have fallen victim to this trap — but we feel the truth will soon be revealed,

We suspect that the CCP and others in its lobby had a significant hand in lobbying for the advancement of this particular bill back in 2013, which would enable their near-silent buyout and consolidation of almost all major American media properties.

They had American friends that helped them do this to us. We believe that those American friends may have been involved in very corrupt activities in light of the revelations of the Epstein case.

We believe that this occurred as part of the overarching strategy of CCP cadres for complete domination of our discourse — in support of efforts to divide and weaken us over many years. This document below is evidence of the threat that western constitutional democracy poses to the CCP and its leadership, and it is what we believe to have been the driving force behind the consolidation of media outlets. Document Number Nine lays out the foundation for many of the CCP’s evil strategies and campaigns of death that it employs to corrupt the human spirit. We urge our readers to deconstruct “The Seven Noteworthy Problems” for themselves and see if it aligns with their system of values in the context of the information presented above. This is a case study in the malleability of public discourse over many years and will be studied in the books of history for generations to come once the vastness of scope is truly understood.

The passage of legislation (this is referred to as “lawfare” in our context) like this that runs counter to our belief system is what has allowed for foreign and hostile governments to entirely corrupt our discourse and simply tear us apart as a country. Over many years, the CCP worked in a concerted effort to buy up media properties in the United States and gain influence over those they couldn’t outright own by blackmail, extortion, and various other means. AG Barr has a Masters in Chinese Studies from Columbia and said that “when you read congressional enactments from right to left they make a lot more sense” — meaning, that it was written with influence from corrupted CCP lobbying interests.

See this video from 4:25 onwards. He states this hint clearly at 4:50.

The age of Twitter has given us elected officials that are able to communicate directly to their constituency — and so there is a reason why Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms are both banned in China, and actively “farmed for opinion” by “wumao.” “Wumao” are paid and active agents of espionage (funded by the CCP) that exist solely to manage many millions of fake social media accounts to spread disinformation and “Party Principles” masquerading as English speaking participants in our democracy. We ask that our government institute a regulatory crackdown on the technology companies that have allowed this infection to spread to the point where open dialogue among real American citizens on major technology platforms like Twitter and Facebook are shut down completely and only the “wumao” remain. For this reason, we believe the monthly- active-users counts on major social media platforms are completely distorted — and so in the coming years, as legislation is enacted to prevent this descent into madness from occurring again, we suspect these counts will drop dramatically, and then raise as the Great Firewall of China comes down and the spirit of cooperation between countries again re-emerges out of the ashes.

Our elected officials often use these new channels of media to communicate with their supporters more effectively than at any time before in our history. It is on these same platforms where we can start to see just how much our mainstream media institutions have failed us in their coverage and opinions on the plunder of Hong Kong. The next step is to determine how and why this happened and give clear instructions for future generations to follow so that they may continue to spread the American values of liberty and freedom that we hold dear for generations to come. I am certain that this is far from the last battle we will have to face as Americans.

Author: Halliburton.

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