Embankments Blasted to Save the Downstream Areas

Author: Dawn

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The water level of the Chu River in China’s Anhui Province Quanjiao County, a tributary of the mighty Yangtze River, rose more than 3 meters within 24 hours on July 17-18, 2020.

This is a result of the recent heavy rainfall, in addition to the surging water released through the floodgates of the upstream gargantuan Three Gorges Dam. 

In the town of Wu Gang, at the confluence of the Chu River mainstream and Xiang River estuary gate, the water level rose sharply to 14.33 meters, 0.83 meters over the guaranteed water level, approaching the highest ever water level recorded, of 14.39 meters. 

At 2:00 a.m. July 19, 2020, two sections of the embankment about 2 kilometers apart were blasted open as spillways, flooding the nearby areas named Barren Grass Weir Land #2 and #3. The water level has dropped down to 13.83 meters and continues to drop.

The following two aerial images show that the turbulent waters were calmed down instantly by the spillways.

Many local residents, warned and mobilized in advance by the village cadres, gathered to witness their houses, leased farmland and fishponds being swallowed by the deluge. Their dear homeland of the bygone days has instantly become a vast river course and a nostalgic memory. In the aftermath, only a few roof tops, tree tops and the tips of utility poles sparsely, yet stubbornly stand erect above the water surface to remind them that this nightmare is not a dream.  

Villager Aunt Chang, looking desolate, told reporters that her family’s two-acre paddy rice field was flooded: “The rice growth was still good, if the water in the flooded area is not drained in a few days, this season’s harvest is likely gone.” Other villagers chimed in: “Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. Otherwise, so much flooding is going to cause more damage downstream.  We need to care about our neighbouring counties more than our own”.

In total, more than 15,000 acres of arable crop land, woodland and fishponds were flooded. The villagers said the Quanjiao section of the Chu River, known as the “Flood Corridor”, is on the national flood storage area list. They expect to be compensated according to the “Interim Measures for the Use of Stagnant Flood Zone Compensation” issued by the State Council in the year 2000. However, unbeknownst to the villagers, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will not likely provide them with meaningful relief because China’s economy is collapsing due to the CCP’s incompetence and corruption and now is aggravated by this biblical scale of flooding affecting almost half of China. 

Those villagers are the epitome of the Chinese people, willing to sacrifice themselves for others, hard working and resilient. When the deluge recedes and the sun rises, they will start all over again to turn this barren land into a land of abundance with their toil, sweat and blood. Let us pray for them! After all, the sun always rises!!! 

Source: http://jiangsu.sina.com.cn/news/general/2020-07-20/detail-iivhuipn3968678.shtml

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