Evidence of CCP influence operations accumulate

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BREAKING! Amazon bans Ezra Levant's bestselling “China Virus” book ...

Picture source: Rebel News

If you had not heard, a new book appeared on Amazon recently, and then disappeared, and then reappeared, disappeared and reappeared again.  Sounds schizophrenic?  Indeed.  The book is “China Virus” by Ezra Levant, the Canadian media personality who heads up Rebel News in Canada.

Why did Amazon ditch this bestseller twice before succumbing to good old capitalism and better judgement and reinstating it?  There is no clear proof that it was CCP (Chinese Communist Party) intimidation, but what is clear is that the book is critical of the Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau – and his Government’s pandering to the CCP, and of the CCP itself. Based on this logic, people can fill in their own motives for the book banning …..

What is clearer is that the CCP threats and intimidation efforts launched through surrogates against a restaurant in Sherwood Park outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the simple act of agreeing to host a book launch for Rebel News.  This hapless restaurant began receiving threats – by email or by phone.  Many of the threats were from out of town and from people with a Chinese accent. Some warned the restaurant of a boycott – odd coming from out-of-town people who likely never patronized the restaurant.  Some made threats of a police or RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canada’s Federal police service) investigation. Not the kind of threat you would want to make if you wanted to hide your CCP-dictatorship credentials, but then these CCP loyalists are becoming more brazen across the world every day. 

Someone with a Chinese accent even called the restaurant and offered them $3,000 to cancel the use of the restaurant for the book launch.  Not the action of an ordinary disgruntled citizen! 

The restaurant – to their credit – is not bowing to these threats and The Rebel is going ahead with the book launch fortified with security guards and a lawyer. 

Threats and intimidation by surrogates of the CCP are now common around the world as the CCP engages in more muscular “diplomacy”. Another case is that of Drew Pavlou at Queensland University (UQ) in Australia.  He has been critical of CCP human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. The Chinese consul-general in Brisbane, Xu Jie is accused of inciting death threats against Mr Pavlou, a 21-year-old UQ student.

Such is life in the Utopian Communist world that the CCP wants to export to the free world.  CCP is the original birthplace of ‘cancel culture’, but the CCP is spreading it rapidly. Citizens of the World must stop this authoritarian invasion now or be overrun.

Quoting Ezra “My book is very pro-Chinese. I support the Chinese people. I support Chinese democracy. The real “virus” I talk about in my book is the Communist Party. And their chief victims are Chinese people themselves. So I want to draw a distinction between the Chinese people and loyal Canadians who happen to be of Chinese ethnicity, versus operatives of the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, the most passionate critics of the Chinese Communist Party are Chinese people. I stand with them.”

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CCP lied,CCP virus,American is start died.
Take down CCP ! New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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Thank you!