Girl trapped inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University calls for help

Here is the voice of a Taiwan girl who trapped inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

English translation from Youtube:

Good Morning, I am now within the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. As you might already know, we are currently under siege by the Hong Kong police force. The police have announced that all within the premise are under the charge of insurrection, meaning a sentence of 10 years. They are gathered around on 3 sides of the campus, no, I meant all 4 sides. Earlier on, they have promised that all those who want to, can leave the area, and can do so via an exit provided. But around 50 people have been arrested while they tried to do that, and the police continue to fire tear gas towards us. So, in actual fact, they have not provided a way out. It is already 5 am here, and the fight is still ongoing. I am in the medical center now, because my friend was hit by the blue water (water cannon) and rubber bullets. I am in here with my friend so I didn’t go out with the others to block the police from charging in. Then I had the idea of maybe using your help to spread the word, to help tell Taiwan about what is happening here. Firstly, we hope that Taiwan will pay more attention to what is happening in Hong Kong now. Secondly, I would also hope to let Taiwan know, using Hong Kong as a warning, to never ever trust China’s communist party. So, the following, I will begin with the situation with the campus, it is up to you if you would want to share it. Everyone here is actually exhausted, we have been here since the night before, blocking the police’s entry. Then the fight started again at 11 am and hasn’t stopped since. The police have announced that everyone on the campus would be arrested under the charge of insurrection. No matter if you are just a volunteer, social worker or First Aid personnel, that charge would mean a 10-year sentence. There are close to a thousand people here, among all ages. The youngest here is around 11 to 12 years old and there are people who are 60 to 70 years old, watching over the younger children. For many who are young, they have never thought that they would be arrested and have to spend 10 years in prison, so they can’t stop crying. I saw a boy, who is 16 who kept screaming that he wanted to leave, to go home. His friends surrounded him, encouraging him that they would head home once they leave, after this is over, for now, we have to persevere. And there was this boy at Medical Center. Many were hit by the blue water, it is terrifying, your body will start shivering, Many here suffer from Hypothermia, because they have to constantly wash the liquid away. They keep shivering and asking repeatedly, “what sort of government does this?”, “Why are they so cruel?”, “What have we done to deserves this? ”While this is a medical center, there is actually no more doctors here, cos if they continued to stay here, they would be charged too. A lot of people were carried in here, some were in such bad shape, needing oxygen masks as soon as they arrived. I continue to wonder why it is like this now, why do we have to suffer all of this. The water cannon is really painful to endure. Initially, it was just exhausting cause of the long engagement, we know we are all in this together. Some have said that maybe there are passages where one or just some can leave. But most have announced that if we wanted to leave, we would all leave together, and we would stay together or even go to jail together. The engagement hasn’t stopped at all. The police and the water cannon trucks continue to come, So we are under a constant attack of tear gas, blue-colored liquid, and water. The water cannon trucks are the worst, the blue liquid they sprayed seems to with a mixture of chemicals, it stings upon contact with the skin. But for the entire day, people would head towards the police and hurling Molotov cocktails in front of the trucks to stop the water trucks from approaching. Once the trucks leave, I would hear screams for First Aid, and because so many people are hurt, you can hear the cries of pain everywhere. This feels like a battlefield. I see people who have been continually attacked by the blue liquid for a whole day, yet after washing it off, the person rests for around 30 minutes, and heads out to join the blockage. 。 Yeah… I don’t know how to say this. And there was this boy who was hit by the blue liquid. After washing it off , his legs kept shaking, it was like his knee or legs was also hit by rubber bullets. He kept trembling and crying, “I want to go back, I want to go back, but my legs are giving their way, I can’t walk!” People around pleaded for him to rest but he insisted that people outside needed the help. Stories like these continue. I know many of us here have already written our wills. The police have said they are considering the usage of actual bullets. But the people are not afraid at all, if it meant that their bloodshed would awaken the others, then they are willing to do so. We sit around, some strangers to each other and we talk about how long is a 10 years sentence. Some joke that it is not a big deal, we would be together in jail, we would have each other for company. Then we would go on and plan about what we could do together after the 10 years, I suggested that we would write some books, the ones we haven’t found time to write. Some said they would do a Master’s degree, then another responded that a second Masters’ degree would be nice too. A reporter asked regarding what I felt about the current situation and honestly, I don’t really know for sure. The waiting is especially exhausting but once you get used to it, it suddenly felt like nothing. I guess we feel like someone would show up and rescue us. We believe that there is a lot of other people outside who are trying to distract the police so that they can clear a path for us to leave the campus. We see hope for a while, then the waiting continues and continues. 10 years… I actually don’t know what my point is anymore. I just thought if you hear or read about this, you might want to share about what I have seen is happening over here. But at the risk of exposing my identity, I think I would rather remain anonymous. I would like to tell the others, that all of us in the campus now have an understanding of why we are here and that we would stick together. No one would be left behind. We will persevere. And I really wish I can head to Taiwan.


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Nov. 19, 2019